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Having abandonment issues is reasonable if you keep getting abandoned. Honestly Jo is pretty chipper for someone who life has shit on pretty regularly as a child/young adult. We kind of start the story with her in a state of getting her life in order and making it her own. At some point I’m gonna circle back to it via her relationship with Jess. That should be… Fun? Interesting? Compelling? Hopefully some generally positive adjective.

My right ear keeps getting pugged up and it makes me annoyed.

Looks like Thanksgiving is on a Thursday this year, so I won’t be posting on the day. If that’s a celebration you take part in I hope you have a good one and your family isn’t super insane, or whatever. My sister and her family visited early because of scheduling. My nephew looks like a little boy version of my sister when she was little. It’s weird. Not in a genetic sense. That actually makes sense. More like in a it’s strange to remember being young way. He’s a very active kid. Also like his mother. She was never one to sit still for long. They are coming back before Xmas. That’s not really important, but now you know it too.

The holiday shouldn’t disrupt my schedule too much, I hope. Regular update on Friday and all that. I kind of want to make a throw away post just for fun, but I can’t think of anything funny. Screaming random curse words never really works for me. In any case I’ll have something up as usual.


Thanksgiving is on a Thursday this year… and every year! =)

Is it? I never pay attention to that sort of thing.

That’s how they get the magic of a “Black Friday” for businesses, it always occurs the day after turkey day ^o^

The existence of Black Friday and the entitled attitudes towards it the day after Thanksgiving practically makes Thanksgiving look like a joke.

Thanksgiving: “We’re all thankful for our friends and family.”
Black Friday: “Fuck being thankful! I want that big screen TV and I want it NOW!”

From what I’ve read it’s the fourth Thursday of November

Yep. The earliest it can be is 11/22 (this year) and the latest is 11/28 (next year).

From what I understand, it’s never been declared an “official” national holiday, so the President has to “declare” it every year. Traditionally it’s always been the fourth Thursday of November, but a couple times during WWII, it was declared to be on the 3rd Thursday (I guess to give the Christmas shopping season an extra week?), which caused quite a bit of confusion: some celebrating on the “official” day, and others on the traditional day. I think the smart ones would have celebrated on both!

No offense but if the president of the United States has to declare the existence of Thanksgiving every year, then it kind of reflects how inept the country is towards Thankgiving.

It actually became an official holiday under Lincoln. However, at that time it was the LAST Thursday of the month.

Roosevelt’s intention and declaration was to make it the second to last Thursday. While there was pressure to do so from a sales perspective, the main reason was to avoid it being the last Thursday in a 5 Thursday month.

In 1941 Congress officially made it the 4th Thursday, although some states kept it the last Thursday for a while (Texas did until the mid 50s).

The president “declares” the holiday as a tribute to Lincoln (much the way other holidays are declared). but it’s still now a national holiday even if the president chooses not to declare it. it would take an act of Congress to remove it from the holiday list.

Jesus fuck can I relate. Doesn’t help that I am also an introvert with social anxiety, which was mostly caused by people being absolute dicks to me. Add to the fact that I am on 7 different dating apps, and the only responses I get are from “hookup girls,” it makes it a tad hard.

Sorry to vent. But yeah, I wish I had a Jess as well. For all of her faults, when she cares, she cares hard.

The only dating apps that actually work will charge you money. You get what you pay for.

And even then there’s a very good chance they won’t, thanks to an increasingly toxic culture. Oh, not to mention the fact that it may turn out that you’re much less attractive than you might think you are. Or you may think you’re unattractive and act accordingly when you’re really not.

Enjoy time with your family and don’t worry about us. Seriously go and enjoy time with your family because it flies so fast and……


When it comes to absolute random curse words I cannot help but be both inspired and ammused by the main character from Grrl Power – I kinda harkens back to the Victorian era where invective in the public arena was much more creative and colourful.

Gad Zooks! Odds bodkins! Egad; you are correct, I say!! “Well done, old bean!” And all of that without resorting to violence Amazi-girl style, or leaving little feathers through out the house.

Amber is having her V moment. The time has come for (her) to meet (her) maker, and to repay (her) in kind for all that (she’s) done. The repercussions will be explosive.

Will we get some wholesome D&D arc for this christmas? I’d wish either that or exolore more about the new guy’s intentions.

I sort of understand what Jo is saying-

I once, after college, had to take some time away from a group of friends, because I needed to earn money, to make ends meet.
I kept contact with some of them.
When I had time to spend time with them,…again, I contacted them.
The person I spoke to sort of turned me away with a “we don’t have time to see you right now…maybe later?”-type of attitude.

They never contacted me again.
I was both floored, + deeply stunned by their attitude, towards me.
I guess- some people are friends with you during grade school, or during college, + then they never want to see you again. Some people are just very cold, like that.
But- I guess I just would like my friends to mean it when they say- “we really like to have you around”, and “you’re one of our best friends”. I guess that some people’s friendships are just too unsteady for me to keep pursuing. That’s that.

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