1808 Million Dollar Man.

Well, my eyes are basically fine. I’ve got shit floating around in one but it’s normal floating around shit, it’s just larger than usual. In fact, my prescription is less strong than it used to be because my nearsightedness is being counteracted by my eyes aging. I’ll have to find a new pair of glasses, which is always a bitch, but there’s nothing terrible going on with my eyes. So that’s good. I got some eyedrops that’s got an antihistamine, but I may have to stop using it. I got a bad pain over one eye after I used it, but I can’t tell if it was a coincidence or the eye drops. I’m just going to put them in one eye & see what happens. If I get a headache again I won’t use them anymore and talk to the eye doctor, I guess.

Dragon Quest Builders comes out on the Switch tonight. I decided to preorder it so it loaded already it just needs to be unlocked. I assume it will unlock at midnight. The demo was really good, so I’m looking forward to it. Probably won’t be able to play it tonight, but still.

I slept more or less normally last night. It was on the floor of my old room, but after trying to sleep in the Teen’s old room it was fucking glorious. The room doesn’t feel all fucking slanted, which bothers me a lot more than I ever realized apparently. I can also lay down in my bed if my hip starts to bother me too. It didn’t last night and my ribcage didn’t feel all out of place when I woke up, which was also a gift. I had a headache for the entire day, but it was easy to deal with since I wasn’t also dealing with every other fucking thing from sleeping poorly. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep normally again tonight & I’ll start feeling better for real. Fingers crossed.


If you have single-vision prescriptions to fill, consider web-ordering from someplace like Zenni.com. (They may also make good bifocals or progressives, but I have no experience with that.) I recently got 5 pairs of glasses (two different prescriptions), all with water- and oil-repellant anti-reflective coating, and one with polarized lenses, for $180 (before a 20% discount they periodically offer) including shipping. Shipping is a flat $5… from China. If you are particular about getting glasses that are perfectly optically centered with respect to where the frames sit on your face, then think about web-ordered glasses as cheap backups, for when you break your good pair or don’t want to wear your good pair.

Zenni is really good, both me and my friend use it. The easy way to get around the centering issue is to go to your eye doctor and have them give you your PD for both your left and right eye (though you can also get a weighted average one) and your dimensions. They don’t generally put it on scripts for one of two reasons:
a) they either don’t check it unless you order glasses
b) they checked it but because its not technically a prescription, though it is required to get glasses, they don’t put it there in hopes that you buy glasses from them.

B is really easy to deal with, by law they are required to give it to you if you ask, it is a part of your medical file and they cannot withhold it from you. Though of course just because they have to give it to you doesn’t mean they have it, or an updated version. However measuring it is a 60 second procedure that anyone can do in the waiting room, you hold these binocular things to your eyes, and they display the numbers. The reality is that most doctor offices aren’t pricks and they realize that if your insurance company won’t pay for it, you’re probably not going to be able to afford glasses anyways and by not doing this really easy thing for you they risk losing you for the services that insurance does cover.

I had dry eyes at night for several years. They were OK in the daytime, but the moment I closed them they’d crust up and feel sandy under my eyelids. It started suddenly, after I slept in a very unclean room.

Then I fell hard into crusty snow and scratched up my face pretty badly. I put lots of triple antibiotic ointment around my eyes for a few days. Not in them, not on purpose, but on my eyelids and forehead.

The dry eye problem vanished and hasn’t returned; it’s been several years.

This is NOT a recommendation, or any kind of medical advice; just an anecdote to think about.

Sounds like you might have had blepharitis – antibiotics can in some cases help this. Making sure to carefully wash your eyelids with an unscented soap or baby shampoo every day can also help, possibly by reducing the populations of eyelash mites and their droppings.

Honestly, the thing that still bothers me about Reggie (well, there’s probably more, but he’s more sympathetic now) is how non-self-aware he is. Of course she doesn’t trust you, there’s been every indication you’ve been a manipulative jerk for most of your life, at least around her. I guess he is like Thomas, but he pulls it off with less… panache.

I agree and something about Reggie’s phrasing bothers me …

I think he seems genuinely interested in Alex, but I wonder how much of his wanting to impress Alex is about him “winning”?

I am heartened by reading through Jackie’s tweets in the sidebar. He says Monday’s page will feature someone learning over time – I know where my money’s placed for that, based on today’s page. Let’s give the man a chance to prove it.

…Reggie is being thoughtful…and the end is near,…and the demons have opened up their castle full of battle-devils, and the Viking’s Ragnarok will soon be unleashed on the Earth!


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