1785 Climbing Frame.

I expect that anyone has ever owned a cat has been climbed like a ladder at some point. Our little Siamese once ran right up my side just like this so she could look me right in the face. Cats have a very strange way of expressing love sometimes. Our last cat died a year ago? Two? Time runs together for me these days. The long and short is we don’t have cats anymore and I miss them, but we have 5 dogs and that’s too many dogs to have to be having another pet.

We get so many mice now. Our old dogs, and possibly our cat, seemed to keep mice the fuck out of our house. The new ones don’t really understand that mice aren’t something we want. When they see them they just interested the same way they are interested in an old toy. Seems fun, but meh… We had a shar pei that was a total mouser. There’s probably a blog post about her in the archives. She was alive when started this.

I’m spent from everything. Let’s not talk about all the other stuff in the world right now. Let’s just think about cats, or dogs, or whatever pets you love.


Had a friend with cats and kittens. While visiting one day was wearing thin material sweatpants and had a kitten climb my back leg up to my rear, while I screamed “Ass-sassin!” That one remained a stock joke for our game sessions for a long time.

I had an orange, tiger striped cat, named Dee.
One time, I was eating, sitting at the table, + he came up to me with a “I’m lonely…pay attention to me”-look on his face, + put his paw on my denim-covered thigh.
I said, ” not now, I’m eating”. He then dug into my jeans, with his claws, in a [Nooooo! Don’t leave me!…] -type of move, and then…doing that, accidentally DUG his claws into my LEG! eeeep!
“OW! YOU better RUN, CAT!”
Which he did. Sigh. cats are a lot of fun. But watch out for those nasty, scumbag claws, I guess! ;D

Yeah, once I was walking around with my Amelia perched on my shoulder when a low-flying plane went by.
She got spooked and lost her balance, then dug in in a futile effort to not fall off and ended up tearing furrows across my collarbone. I wasn’t very pleased with her at the time, but now I’m glad to have the scars to remember her by.

Been a cat owner for my entire life. This had never happened to me until I found a kitten abandoned by the side of the road. After more than a year of not finding her owner I realized she’d been abandoned and was now mine. By this time she had begun using me as her personal jungle gym and climbing me just to reach high spots more easily. I’ll tell you, whe she climbs up my front she starts with a leap that reminds me of the Facehuggers from aliens. It is damned terrifying, but damned adorable when she sits on my shoulder and rubs up against my face.

Long ago we had a tabby tom cat who was a very good very bad mouser. He’d often bring us mice that he caught. Problem being that they were just stunned, we’d have to kill them ourselves before they ran away again. Now in the bedroom. He never quite grasped the problem.

I had a cat who was declawed, which was due to aggressive behavior towards other cats that nearly blinded one of them and wasn’t my decision in the first place, but he still managed to be a great hunter. He had a very nasty right hook and could knock a mouse out cold in one hit.

Credit where it is due. When my dog brings me a gift, she makes damn sure it is fully prepared.
She brought me a juvenile possum once, and I was like “Oh, a present? THANK YOU!” and made a quick visual inspection for injuries to ensure I wasn’t about to toss a live animal into my trash can. I was definitely gifted an intact, but very dead, possum.
She was so darn PROUD of her work, though!

She believes in gifting properly. Killed a squirrel and then laid down on top of it to keep it warm for us once. Seriously.

“Nyow” is how Japanese cats talk. But Friska’s a Siamese: shouldn’t she be speaking Thai?

I’m just going by what our cat used to say.

When I lived in Japan, I found it interesting that Japanese cats said “nyow”, dogs said “won”, etc., while American animals said, you know, “meow”, “woof”, etc. I casually wondered sometimes if you took an American pet over there would it be able to communicate with the native animals, or would their language be different, too?

Taking care of my friend’s cats while she’s away this weekend. They seem to think tearing up my legs is a good way to get attention.

Recently got a new kitten and have been having exactly this problem. It’s not too bad in jeans, but anything else- it leaves a mark. Had to clip her toenails. Just the tips, and just the front paws, but it seemed to help. She didn’t mind me doing it either, which I found surprising.

My cat’s nickname is TrollCat, because I swear his face is an almost permanent trollface.jpg with as many things he does. Let’s see…

* While playing online with some friends, first tries to claim my lap, then when there was insufficient petting, decided to lounge on the keyboard. Then when was put back in the lap, jumped down and pulled the power cable out of the tower.

* Considers laps to be mandatory cat places, even when said lap appears to be vertical. But hey, that was why he was born with climbing pitons (i.e. claws), right?

* Lap in motion! Quick, deploy the Stabilizing Pitons!

* Oh hey, you seem to have a cat-approved food substance. By the way, did you know that you are less likely to find your shoes shred if you deposit an offering of food to your troll-cat?

* I don’t care if it is four in the morning, I’m hungry, I want to be fed. Plus, your face is warm. Yes, I mind moving off of your face. Okay fine, I’ll just shove my nose in your ear and purr loudly instead.

….Disloyal Subject,

If you read this page, again, I meant to say that- your memory/story was a great story, TO HEAR, + not that your getting hurt was a great thing.

Sorry about that. :D

We have 3 new kittens now. They’ve convinced me to buy enough heavy duty work pants and long johns to wear some all week long, even on weekends, and to double up my T-shirts.
Summer is coming up. I dunno how long I can keep wearing this stuff.

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