Comic looks good to me. As far as fat girls go, I think Freddy Mercury had something to say about that… To which I agree tho I am more of a boob guy myself. ;)

Agreed. I’m less about size as I am proportion. I am a bust-fellow myself, but (at this point anyone/thing that says yes is okay in my book) as long as that subconscious part of my brain says they look proportionate (not skinny with a huge bust or bum, or the inverse), then I’m pretty okay with anything.

Bingo. It’s the sum of the parts that matters when it comes to physical attractiveness.

For me, it’s not so much whe way somebody looks but rather the capacity to see beyond the surface and the ability to empathize with others. Now if she’s also Nina-level hot, then that’s just icing.

my philosophy on looks, etc. is go for what ever your attracted to as long as you don’t kill yourself in the process and treat the other person with respect. I’ve dated older, younger, almost all races, and various body shapes. There is always some yo yo that will give you flack about the choices your make but at the end of the day it is all down to if your comfortable with the person you are with. If you feel pressure to change to accommodate the other person just ask if they were not around would you still feel ok with the change. If they answer is no then you have to ask why change in the first place?

The ideal is to see the person – not the fat or skinny. (Think about the movie Shallow Hal)
I suppose if a person has a thing for fatness, that’s ok – just like some people prefer (natural) red-heads.
For me the key element has always been intellect and shared interests. I can dumb down my conversations to have a good friendly chat, but it’s hard to develop a deep relationship with someone you can’t talk to about your passions (and some of mine are reaaaaaly nerdy and intellectually esoteric). I admit it’s still important to be attracted to a person but it’s amazing what you can find “attractive enough” as long as you have a deep personal connection. That probably helps explain some of the couples you see out there where one of them is clearly much more attractive than the other – or taller – or fatter/skinnier – etc. etc.

I can groove on proportion and balance myself. If one could line up all my girl friends, this is what might result:
One: I don’t see it.
Me: See what?
One: What’s your type?
Me: I don’t have just one type. For sheer bodily attraction, there are variations, but mostly no extremes for me either. I won’t apologize for preferring moderate, graceful and symmetrical forms. OTOH some of the strongest attractors cannot be revealed by a bikini or hidden by long, fulsome clothes. I like mind, intellect, thought, imagination and will, as well.

I don’t care what shape they are as long as they’re: as smart or smarter than me, and resonably in-tune with the world, and don’t hate their body. They don’t have to be Democrats or Republicans, as long as they know why we have to vote. If they can write a program in a computer language, I start to drool. And if they get it to compile, I’ll pop wood. And if they get my oaks they’ll be even more poplar with me, and I won’t feel like an ash and get all treed off for them being dense. If they don’t think I’m barking mad — I’ll never leaf them.

“They don’t have to be Democrats or Republicans, as long as they know why we have to vote.”

The system is not required to work in the people’s interests.

‘S far as I can tell, only works in the interests of % ROI. Follow the money, and you’ll usually – but not always – find the politician. But we have to vote, because you cannot stop entropy, but by putting energy into the system you Can slow it down…

I can think of several reasons why Victoria might be surprised at Reggie, and all of them are more to do with him than with Maddie and Alex’s figures. Body type is the low-hanging fruit explanation, and while it’s the right explanation all too often, I’m glad John’s giving Reggie credit for a little more complexity.

I only noticed two things, Jackie, and both required me to go back and look (after you mentioned it might be messed up) to notice. Both in panel 2, John’s eyes are missing their white highlights and his hair is oddly rounded at the tips, which isn’t the case in panel 3. Both of these are so ridiculously minor as to have been otherwise unnoticeable save for pedantic types who nitpick everything. And we all know those can safely be ignored.

…please don’t ignore me, I only looked because you mentioned it. ;A;

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