1765 Wealth.

It’s been a busy weekend for this cub. I’ve been hammering out pages for an anthology submission in addition to the regular pages. My allergies are really giving me the business though. It’s terrible today. My ears are actually oozing oil and itchy. That’s a rare one even for me. It’s yucky. Me no likey.

The keyboard for my Surface came apart the other day and I finally got some glue that would fix it today. It bonded a little too fast actually. I put it together the other way around. So I had to pry it apart and fix it. I think it’s all sorted now though.

Anyway, this will be up for Halloween. Here’s a little extra art I did. I posted it on social media but some of you don’t use any of them so here it is again. Anyway, I hope you have a fun time, or whatever.


SHE IS THE CUTEST AND IT WOULD BE NEAT IF HER AND JOHN HOOK UP. However, that’s probably just too easy and I know there’s other plot points that have yet to be introduced… I’ll just wait… and ship…

I second that, John and Victoria would be a great couple. This would also seriously annoy Reggie, which is an even better bonus.

I would give the parents the benefit of the doubt and say the kids were cut off in order to teach them self-reliance, but prior exposition implies that they’re just snobby asswipes. Especially in regard to a certain Auntie Ice Queen…

Hope you’re feeling better soon Jackie. You’ve managed to subtly make Reggie’s sister look very tired which seems somehow fitting.

I assume the shaggy club nickname is to do with haircuts right?!?

yay Victoria! With the way she dresses at home, I’m assuming that those aren’t actual bags under her eyes, but a make-up choice.

I think it’s eye-shadow trying to conceal fatigue bags, but my knowledge of cosmetics and all that stuff could fit in a thimble.

I’m looking forward to how Victoria’s character develops.
(I admit I’m hoping that she’s a warm-caring type whose demeanor has been beaten down a bit by her homelife, parents, and brother.)
I love the small smile is the last panel.

I hope the allergies back off and you feel better soon.

I hear lines like that and I think of one of the few moments in “The Nanny” that I actually laughed out loud.

SON: Why can’t we get that? I thought we were rich!

MR. SHEFFELD: WE are not rich. > I < am rich. YOU don't get to be rich until I die!

NANNY FINE: Careful Mr. Sheffeld. That's how the Mendendez Brothers got started.

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