Tell me Jackie when you dream do you dream of electric sheep?

that book was “baaa”d

Androids dream of electric sheep, iPhones dream of op-art cats. The difference between Van Gogh and Peter Max.
I think the jolt one gets from counting them is from the hepatic shock, from falling asleep. But I might be over thinking it….

I actually have nightmares about working retail quite a bit, and dreams about failed relationships.

I stopped working retail (Kinko’s) over 20 years ago and I still have nights where I punch in and work, copying one job after another, unjamming machines, checking paper stocks, etc, just a full normal work day, all night long.

Thinking of stuff related to, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? [R]:

The jury seems to be out over the film, Blade Runner 2049. [I guess it’s best to ask friends, who have seen it, if it is worth seeing the film, in a theater].

Some pro, movie critics say: it is very, very good- while others say- that they don’t like the film’s screenplay, and that Harrison Ford isn’t in enough scenes. YMWV, I guess.

What’s funny is that when I walk into a Best Buy I find it depressing not because they are losing business but because then I miss the show Chuck.

I know what you mean, Chuck was/is one of my favorite shows. I keep checking for any updates on whether they will ever get to do the Chuck movie that they want to do.

Yvonne Strahovskiii ii ii iii ii i …

A quick telepathic check with Jimmy Wales reveals she’s 35 now, so that movie window is probably closed. (She did Chuck at 25-30.)

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