1755 Freckles.

I haven’t done much other than draw to talk about, and clean stuff. I’ve been on the discord server for the comic while arting but that’s about it. I guess I could link it again for a while. Maybe leave it up for part of the day. We haven’t had any huge problems when I’ve done that. Maybe I can get away with it again. New blood might be good to see there. Here’s the link. Just read the channel descriptions or say hello. someone will come along and interact with you eventually. And if you’re a dick a mod will ban the fuck out of you, so first warning last warning.


I feel like we’ve gotten enough conversation to basically assume that these two were a product of unresolved sexual tension. I might be reading too much into the running conversation but it all has read akin to a ‘will they, won’t they… The answer is won’t about five years ago’ sort of affair.

Oh well.
Patricia could get into the Ganguro girl/ganguro fashio…style, for awhile. :)

*brain explodes*

Why did I google that … and why the hell are they turning themselves into brown Tammy Faye Bakker clones …

Heh, heh!
Yeah- some girls + women who do or did the ganguro fashion, in Japan, did use less eye makeup, if that’s more easy to look at.

Some people go ganguro style, instead of going through a rebellious-teen goth period, I guess! :)

I, on the other hand, am one of those annoying people who tan at 70ยบ F whether-or-not sunlight is involved, and have never burned, as far as anyone can remember…

I seem to have missed a few recently. I have no memory of some of the more recent strips, which is odd, because if I don’t remember specifics, I remember general story lines and character develpment

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