1614 Uncle Thorny.

America has been at war with something, or someone, since I was a teenager. There was a brief time of limited conflict before that time that I can remember. I remember being afraid when they came on television to tell us we were at war. Now it’s just how it is. I used to worry that Jo’s father being killed in combat might eventually seem silly, but now I realize how naïve it was to think that. Conflict is, in my estimation, eternal. Ther will always be humans who want what someone else has and will be willing to do whatever it takes to get it. The united States is incredibly lucky as far as conflicts on our soil goes. Anyway Jolene’s sad backstory is secure.

Do you guys do anything with that Miitomo app? It just had a big update. You can use it to talk to me directly in a way that I find enjoyable. I think if we’re friends on twitter you can add me. Honestly I can’t remember. In any case I’m sure you guys can figure it out if you want to. They’re trying to monetize it but you can still do th main stuff for free as far as I can tell. Add me if you have a question or whatever. I may not get to you quickly because I don’t like distraction while I work, but when I have a free moment i’ll check. You get points for discounts in the Nintendo store so I use it for that.

They also updated Animal Crossing to have amiibo support and daily quests along with a lot of other things that basically came as close to perfecting it as they can get, in my opinion. I’m still collecting the amiibo cards, but it’s way harder since I live out in the armpit of America. Here’s my card list if you want to trade. I try to do as much trading as possible to keep the cost down, especially since after market sellers are getting mercenary about the cards now. I really need Ankha because she’s my favorite, after that I have nearly all of the ones I like best. It’s just filling in the empty spots.

Apparently you can sell your town in game for money to start a new one, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I’ve worked for so long trying to perfect my town I want to keep it going. Although perfection is kind of a nebulous goal… In any case it’s nice to have little goals in the game that give you currency for the new stuff that’s been added. Finally being able to choose your villagers is the best. unfortunately there are more villagers I like than spots in town… Can’t have everything I guess.


… why… did she mew?

If I ever had a single pet peeve regarding human kind… it is girls who pretend to be cats. I knew a lotta geeks in high school, and for some weird annoying reason, all the female geeks would meow (loudly, I might add) and just… act like catgirls or some shit. Gods above and below did that get annoying quick! Drove me up a wall.
At some point sophomore year, I (vaguely) recall a (cat)girl rolling around in her boyfriend’s lap, giving the whole cat schpiel. These people mildly irritated me, because of their tastes in geek-dom. The Matrix was a thing and almost all of them wore trenchcoats and dark clothing; they’d spend their free time with Yu-Gi-Oh and other crap I don’t even remember. Anywho, at this point, the years of being alone and coming to the realization that I’m not terribly likable to the female fair might have driven my bitterness to a peak, and I finally let slip my dryness about the situation. The boyfriend coyly (or ignorantly, not sure which) asked her “what are you doing” with that doofy smile we guys put on when a girl pays attention to us (I’m assuming, might’ve just been him, or high-schooler aged kids). Her response (which was rather loud, even for the loud hallway) was “I’m in heeeaaat, reow!” At which point, I dryly commented “Yeesh, better get that thing fixed.” The girl got all huffy and upset, and the boyfriend was none too pleased either. His friends kept him from coming at me, telling him to ignore me because I was “that faggot that no one likes” (ain’t early 2000s grand?). Next day, the guy and his friends stopped me from entering the hall were the geeks hung out to eat lunch saying that I wasn’t welcome there, that I don’t participate in the things a “true geek should like” and that I should find elsewhere to eat. I was only partially bummed out. I ate there because my friends and brother used to eat there, but disappeared some time ago, and just stopped. But I’m a robot, beep boop, and follow the routines I always have. After a while of drifting around the school to find a niche with likable enough fellows to eat with, I managed to find my brother, and one of his classmates (who insisted I called him “Monkey”, giving his chimpish facial features) and I stuck with them until they left high school.

I hate humans sometimes. [/edgy dark grim] But at least it wasn’t as bad as one of my friends’ first-hand experience with an otherkin in his senior year.

I can definitely see how it annoyed you, and I sympathize. But on a general level, pretty girls doing the cat schtick are frickin’ sexy. To me, at least. So perhaps that’s why they do it. *shrug*

Yeah. For what it’s worth”
There are some cat-actions people, or other creative people, who can be just totally annoying, in my book.
I used to know a college-age girl, who used to hang out with my friends, who used to say, “woof”, + put on a dog act, as ways to get people’s attention.
That I probably could stand, until she turned this behavior into a way to- whine + beg…to get people to do everything that she wanted. The [be nice to me, + do whatever I say…because I pretend I’m a cute doggie, and I don’t get along with my unhappy Dad- act], got pretty old, pretty quickly.
I try to get along with everyone, but some people’s routines are just ones that I have to just walk away from, because I know that things will work easier that way.
I guess- people are like hobbies: They’re all good, I suppose,but some aren’t going to be my thing, I guess.

First off, super troopers was a bomb diggity movie and i can’t wait to see what they do next.
Next up, I have to say, as well as it fits that brooksie’s dad died overseas, given the current climate, I probably would say that it could equally have worked that he died back home in the states, another victim of the system. But as always, I’m interested to see where this is going.

For what it is worth, The Athenian Democracy was at war 77 out of any 100 year period of their golden age. Looking at human history, it sadly seems that inter-tribal Warfare is one of humanity’s favorite past times. Look how quick we are to form groups. cliques etc… & then make fun of or antagonize anyone not in that group.

On a less depressing note, clay tablets from Mesopotamia & letters from Ancient Rome show people talking about their families & friends the same way we do today. For about 5,000 years of recorded history we have loved, laffed, cried, wondered & hoped that tomorrow will be better than yesterday. Our tools & cultural values might change but we still have the same hopes & desires. It is comforting to know we aren’t alone even if we are separated by the dust of centuries.

On that last note, the oldest recorded joke (dating back around 4 millennia) is … a fart joke. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

And the oldest thing written, that we know of, is a recipe for beer.

Prehistoric people were just as intelligent and resourceful as anyone alive today. Hell, they survived two ice ages with nothing to work with but rocks.

The greatest threat to any organism is from other members of its own species; they’re competing for exactly the same resources. Different human tribes have always fought, thanks to several overlapping imperatives deep in our programming. What is a nation if not a giant tribe?

Hi Jackie, can I have your attention for a moment? It’s got nothing to do with the strip, but it’s rather important. I’ve posted before under the name ‘Zag’, but you probably don’t remember.

Anyway, hopefully you don’t mind me posting this here and hopefully you can help me out.

Trump has promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but there are people who are sick and can’t pay for their own treatment. If the insurers drop them, they’re SCREWED.
Here, I look at this:


If you really want to make America great, tell Trump not to let people die by ripping away their health insurance. Please, if enough people do this, he’ll LISTEN to us. I don’t have your follower base on Twitter or social media to get the message out, but you could let people know. Please, please, PLEASE. Tell everyone you can.

And if You actually read the actual “affordable care” act,
It was never meant to last,
It was designed, from inception, to fail massively.

More and more people can’t pay, as it happens. Obamacare just went up by 50% in case you didn’t notice. Try getting on Medicaid.

I’ve had to talk about this several times already… In my state there is only one insurer left I can go to. The other options left because of the affordable care act. I can barely afford the insurance I have now and my premium increased by $100 a month before the election. What am I supposed to do? This system is failing me but everyone keeps telling me to suck it up because everyone else needs it. We need something that doesn’t screw over some people while other people get what they need. Seriously, what am I supposed to do here?! Colorado has been trying to come up with its own health scheme because of the ACA and it’s like a lunatic designed it. The politicians here are so corrupt it’s a wonder the state functions at all. I voted against the worst of them but they still won. So I say again, what am I supposed to do? My ad revenue is in the toilet, there’s nowhere I can afford to advertise anymore, I’m basically living off of Patreon support. I’m fucked too! I’m still sick enough that I can’t work fast enough to do anything to draw in new people! I’ve been putting on a brave face but this is the reality of the situation. I can’t afford the AFA. Not at the current rate of increase in rates versus decrease in revenue. I’m fucked both ways. I won’t be able to afford my cpap before too long. Shit, I even had insurance when I was in the hospital twice and had to beg for help from my readers. Should I support a system that’s failing me or hope for something better?

While I believe Jackie would do what he could to sincerely help people, or to help sincere people, I really don’t know if this is the proper venue, or that you should expect such from him. And as to Trump making things worse, it’s possible, but he’d have to try really hard. One of the biggest problems with health care is that the people are insulated from the costs by insurance-so they have no opportunity to comparison shop. And the people without the insulation of insurance are crushed. Imagine if healthcare providers advertised the prices for their services. They would actually have to compete with each other, and their prices would have to have some basis in reality. As it is, the insurance pays some percent of what they charge, so they raise their prices so that percent works out to enough plus a VERY tidy profit. Ever wonder how some hospitals can redo everything yearly, or seemingly every couple of months?

Oceana has always been at war with Eastasia.

Yep- “Down with Big Brother”, and other somber quotes, from that classic novel: 1984.
Don’t do what I did…and read, 1984, on a long road trip. That was a miserable experience, let me tell you.

I was reading the part where they were about to put the cage of rats on his head the precise instant when some animal scratched on the outside wall of my room. Bout had a heart attack.

Man! That’s a scary thing to happen to someone!
A friend of mine also says- “don’t read ghost stories + scary stories, at home, during a thunderstorm”.

He was reading a story about monsters, during a storm. One time, during that storm, the thunder made big, banging sounds. He said: felt like a werewolf was trying to get into his room.

Meow? Raccoons dont sound like that.

It’s a super troopers reference. A couple of cops have a bet going on how many times one giving a ticket can slip “meow” into his speech before being called on it.

Let’s see… In my lifetime, there’s been:
the Cold War
Desert Storm
Bosnia, Kosovow, and any other conflict Bill pimped out our army to NATO for
the Iraq War
and now Syria

Wow! Other people’s children!

How about Korea and Vietnam? (Not to mention the “War on Poverty,” “The War on Drugs,” “The War on Women,” “The War on Terrorism,” and Grenada.)

Don’t knock the wars on poverty and drugs. Those have helped to keep us in a state of emergency-which is supposed to be required for executive orders to be valid.-which we’ve been in since Lincoln.

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