I love how you show the burning ears with the blushes. It’s a small detail that really adds a lot to the embarrassment and makes it a lot more palpable. ^^ Have a nice weekend. =)

“Your voice is amazing.”

Problems with that…

1) Said to her by the boyfriend

2) Thousands of other amazing voices out there.

Not that one shouldn’t try, but the odds are just as bad as a high school sport star making it as a professional. :p

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Well said, Jackie. You never know what you’re capable of until you try. Beats wondering what could have been. My little sister’s been thriving working in theatre in New York City, while I’ve been having trouble finding a full-time job that pays decently back home, let alone the job I want. I’m aiming to go back to school in the fall, so that I can get into the field I want.

I’ve known a few people who’ve tried to break into music and theatre. It’s a brutally competitive field, but there’s no shame in failing, and at least you know at the end.

Trying and failing, even under a technicality or some shit, is better than not trying and forever wondering.

Unless you really are that bad, like tone deaf or whatever… in which case, Hollywood has found their newest pop sensation!

All too true but in this day and age some of the walls have come tumbling down, tumbling, tumbling.

Thanks to youtube and similar online venues, up and comers can build and connect to a following. Heck just through small venues, t-shirts and getting into iTunes will garner more success than most record “deals” ever will for the majority of small artists. The only thing is, that early on, you will need lawyers and be prepared against predatory RIAA practices shutting you down.

The days of flogging cassettes on the sidewalk of queen west in Toronto or out of the trunk of your car in the burbs of Philly are long gone.

True, you do miss 100% you don’t take. However one has to think on all factors.

First, as stated, it’s her new boyfriend who is saying “You’re voice is great.” That doesn’t make for a subjective view point.

Next, she has to weigh out the pros and cons. Going for that music career usually means sacrifice, as she told Thomas earlier. Bye bye relationship is a possibility. Going for that career and then failing could ruin the rest of her life, as she spent so much time failing at the one, she won’t get anywhere else.

Haha this comic is so great, I think I like it more since I work in retail as well and boy it stressful but I have some of the best coworkers in my department. For the most part they are all great people. I had to read it from the beginning so without checking dates I was slightly worried it was on a pause, however I saw new page the next day which is great. I’m addict to this comic now, and now I am all caught up with people who have been here since what 2009 is the earliest comment I remember seeing. Btw way I wanted to saw that John reminds me or Ryoga from ranma for some reason.

I’d love ro see Carol try to follow her dream, better to try and fail, then live your life wohdering. Of course, one problem is what would happem to Carol if she did make it big. The record companiescwill force her to lose weight, forone thing. This would be good for her (strictly for health reasons, I would’nt be surprise to find that Carol’s had a few diabetes scares in the past), but not in the way the execs would want.

Theu’d warp her do much that she wouldn’t be Carol anymore. While we can say that Carol wouldn’t let that happem, the flash and glamour of the recording industry can get to someone.

Of course, I may be jumping ahead here by quite a bit.

This is reminding me rather uncomfortably of me and my ex. She was always the practical one, always figuring out how to get us through the day. I was always the dreamer who wasn’t sure what my future held except that it had to be bigger than what it had given me so far. She reminded me to keep things grounded. I insisted that she keep dreaming.

Eventually, we settled for a 5 year plan where we’d both wind up living the lives we had always wanted.

Then she dumped me when my end of the plan came tumbling down.

I think Steve Jobs said this, [about trying to do new things]:

“…I’m GLAD that they made mistakes, because that means some decisions were made.”

I like that.
You’re mistakes were not failures- you made some choices, and that’s good.

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