559 So Small.

I Twittered this yesterday but, in case you missed it, Crayon Physics Deluxe is on sale right now.  Any donation gets you the full version of the game.  It’s totally awesome, especially if you have tablet.  I wrote about wanting it a long time ago, but the price seemed steep for a download.  The ‘pay what you think it’s worth’ thing fixed that.

I saw that ghost talker John Edwards was gonna be on Shatner’s show.  Didn’t we all agree he was just cold reading?  I thought we were past that stuff as a species.

I feel like total crap and can’t think to write.  I’m just gonna let you guys enjoy the comic this time.  Sorry about that.


He’s coming to Reno, in my neck of the woods, soon as well. He’ll be performing at one of the casinos.

I don’t get it either. He dropped off of the map years ago, I figured that everyone finally realised that he was fraud.

Just realized that’s the second time today Thomas has used that “I thought you already knew” technique on somebody. First time was on Brooksie, when she asked why he never told her about Reggie’s connections before.

It seems to work pretty well; I’ll have to remember that for future use… 8-)

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