1506 Green Eyed.

I don’t know if anyone cares at this point, but I’ve started the proceedings for getting the second volume of the comic up on Lulu. I wanted to have it there so they would match, plus there may never be any more books, so I wanted there to be at least one complete story available. After the second story, and possibly during it, I totally abandoned making the pages a standard print size. In order for those comics to be collected they’d have to be formatted by someone with considerably more time and skill than me. The fine folks at Hiveworks agreed to help me with the second book at any rate. If I ask very nicely maybe I can get them to set up a perfect collection that’s the whole first arc in one book. We’ll just have to wait and see. I guess if you can wait this long what’s a little longer, right?

I wore the nib down on my original Surface pen and it turns out that getting replacement parts for the older one is kind of a bitch. Luckily, the newest one is backwards compatible with my older Surface, so I upgraded. I have to say it was money well spent. It’s very natural feeling to my hand. Much more like my old drawscreen. Plus you can change nibs and buy replacements more easily. I’ll have the old one as an emergency backup, but I think the new one is going to really work out well.

My “friend” W00t noticed my anti Disney Princess mashup tweets… So he made me a hypocrite, which is fine. It happens so often what difference does it make really? I think we can all agree that Carol as the lead would have made the movie much better. I’ve actually gotten a few emails and whatnot, over the years, for being friends with W00t. I never made a big deal about being friends with him, but it bothered me that some people thought they had the right to tell me who I could and couldn’t associate with. That dude listened to at least five years of my bullshit, before the Teen came to live with us, and I ended up in the hospital. He helped me keep doing this comic when I felt like there was no point, I felt like I wasn’t good enough, and all the other anxieties I constantly have to deal with. I think it’s total bullshit that I don’t have time to talk to him like I used to, as well as the entire support network I had back then. Life just kept taking more and more from me and he got swept away too. No one will ever make me feel shame for calling him my friend. He’s one of the best people I’ve ever met, online or otherwise, and if that makes you mad then you can kindly fuck the Hell off. In fact, I’m going to share some of his special drawings on Patreon. If you don’t like them don’t look. If you do, then by all means come enjoy them with everyone. Some are NSFW. That’s the only warning you’re gonna get.
I don’t play Magic anymore, but I hope that someday I can play a game with him in person.


You be friends with who you want, bro. :)

This stuff happens.

I hit puberty pretty early myself.
I was already tall for my age and then I rocketed up.

Not that it made me any friends, but it made me somewhat attractive to the opposite sex.

Much to their chagrin.

The feeling was mutual.

Sibling jealousy, how I know thee. Though I am beginning to disapprove of Carol’s mother, if she indeed ignored Carol for her larger breasted siblings and it’s not her memory playing games with her. As brains do.

I am a firm believer that people should be themselves, and let others be themselves. That includes being friends with who you want to be friends with. If someone doesn’t like you for being able to see the good in another person, I agree that they should fuck off. The only exception I can think of would be an abusive relationship, but that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms and varies from person to person how to handle it. So Jackie, as well as all of my fellow BF fans, keep doing you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t, because nobody else knows how to be you anyway. If we’re honest, most of us have trouble knowing how to be ourselves sometimes.

I would totally buy a hard copy book of the first arc. Id buy more if they existed. I currently have all the Dumbing of Age books, and would like to add my other favorite comic to that collection.

I have to admit, I’m mildly curious about what some people objected to about w00t. Never heard of him before today, so I skimmed over his twitter and art out of curiosity, and was left puzzled.

Ditto on the not understanding why people object to him. It’s the internet though so it could be something that someone perceived as a slight against them that doesn’t even register on my radar as anything objectionable. Then that person processed to blow the entire thing out of proportion, as frequently happenes on the internet.

Really Jackie has the right stance on this: if you don’t like something I like, I don’t care and you can go to hell if you feel like telling me otherwise.

We all have friends that others would disapprove of.

One of my friends can best be described as an [donkeyinawell.gif] but they have come to realize that they are an [donkeyinawell.gif] and try and tone down their behavior just a bit around their real friends, even though they fail spectacularly at it, it is the good intentions that count.

Dusty was busty. (* head asplode *)

Hey, @Jackie, this just came through the window (wrapped around a brick):

“unfrend w00t naow or pay teh consicuensis”

Shall I return fire?

I went to Patreon to check out the art you mentioned, and found that I’d somehow failed to sponsor you. That’s been corrected now. Thanks for an awesome comic! (It’s not a lot, but it’s double my typical level.)

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