1494 Elizabeth Lemon.

Jo is not amused…

My friend Stegman told me to watch the plinkeT reviews of the star wars prequels, which is old news, I’m sure, but I never got around to watching them. I’ve been watching them while working tonight. They’re a pretty good analysis and you can learn a lot from them. Especially about dismembering and hiding the bodies of women.

I decided to buy Tererria on the 3DS the other day. It’s super fun in that minecraft digging for stuff way. I like the castlevania feel it has. I’m not sure how random the worlds are, but I’ve found the same sword in the same general area twice. It has multiplayer, but I don’t know what you have to do to make it work. I just know it exists. Do any of you guys have it? Maybe we can play. Ha ha, if you play at random times for a few minutes.

I dunno, I need to get this page done and do some patreon drawings. I’m just going to get back to that. I’ll see you guys in the comments.


The Plinkett reviews are great. I do think that the whole “serial killer” joke works best in very small doses and he milked it a bit too much for my taste, but that’s a small point.

I didn’t care that much when he pointed out that dumb things are dumb… but I totally loved the parts where he analyzed things related to the craft of film. I always knew the prequel movies were lame, but he put his finger on exactly why.

Well, Jess (and maybe Jo) are really going to be peeved when they learn that Reggie is actually attracted to the intellect in women, regardless of size, with all the implications that’ll have (IOW, Reggie may not have considered Jess to be smart enough for him to be attracted to her.)

At the very least, Jess would be ticked off, but Brooksie seems to be the type to give someone a chance to prove themselves. Also, maybe pop culture knowledge isn’t what Reggie considers a sign of intelligence…oh, Brooksie, if you had let your philosophical side shine around him, he would want to lay you like a rail!

Attraction is a strange thing.
Or so I’ve heard.

I dunno, For the life of me, the only thing in common of women that I find attractive are that they are female.

I don’t understand….things.

Maybe it’s merely lust or the desire to procreate with you, but I can assure you that women have plenty to love if you acquaint yourself with the right ones.

Your guess would be accurate had I slept with all of them.

For my first three serious girlfriends they were all part Irish, but they looked nothing alike, so I just assumed I was what Irish women liked.

That hasn’t been a factor lately though.

…Aaand there goes Jess assuming that Reggie is attracted to someone’s physical appearance.

Just because it’s the default setting for guys doesn’t give her……..

Maybe it does.

I don’t think there is cross platform multiplayer as the 3DS Terraria is essentially Terraria 1.2 with some UI improvements from 1.3. you still have 100s of hours of playtime but you are missing the last 1/4 or so of the game just fyi and I don’t think you even get the mobile exclusives to make up for it ether :/

Terraria is usually pretty random but with some rules such as certain biomes always being on opposite sides of the world from each other. maby they toned that down for the 3DS?
but if you are bouncing around enough between worlds to notice such things then you likely haven’t invested enough time into a world to really get anywhere as there is a LOT under the surface and I don’t just mean digging.

I like Jo’s expression in the last panel!
maybe she’s channeling her inner-Frankenstein, or her inner-Boris Karloff, there. :D

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