1403 Present.

Well guys, tonight’s page is coming to you by way of a hospital room. I ended up back in here with the same infection I got last time for the same reasons. I will probably be fine in a few weeks, like I was before. My new portable computer mitigates time lost, because I can work on the comic from my hospital bed. It’s paying for itself already.

I’ll be paying off these bills for… a very long time. I hope you can tolerate me trying to make extra money on art for… a very long time. I was too sick to make new stuff last weekend, obviously, but next weekend you can expect something new.

I hope you guys will forgive me for keeping this short. I’m using my phone for internet access, so I can’t dawdle. I also am a little tired now and want to rest a bit before starting a new page. I’ll catch you later!


Feel better, hospital bills are the worst….there is almost no logic to how absurd the mark up is T_T

Carols glee is epic ^_____^

Too bad we can’t just ship you up here to somewhere in Canada. The place is big enough and accepts all kinds, even Americans. ^_-
If for nothing else come for the half decent healthcare that doesn’t kill you with the bills.

Posting comics from the hospital = insane dedication. Us medical stuff would prolly be the one thing that could prevent me indefinitely from moving to the US if I ever were to. Get well!

You can say alot about norway from where am from but aleast we get medical help for almost nothing except a small personal charge between $30-40 usually and if i end up paying more then $130 in a month i can even get a card that except me from paying anything at all so aleast am not gonna croak because of not able to effort help :-P

I figure I should butt in as an American and say that nobody says anything (bad) about Norway to the best of my knowledge, its a pretty nice place with decent people. And yeah, American healthcare is a huge mess. Some would argue that its faster because of the expense but I counter that it does you no good if you can’t afford it.

I’m from Belgium, so yeah, I have it pretty good as well. But am on disability, so moving to the US… yeah.

«infection». Ok now, I’m worried.
Take care of those freaking blue eyes. Take care of yourself as much as you have to
May the force be with you, your Worshipfulness.

After quite a good, long laugh I must commend you on that third pannel…

Well played sir, well played.

And patreon contribution…doubled.

Paying cash for hospital stays in the U.S. is about on par with dealing with a black market organ distributor…to market your own fleshy bits. “You only need one kidney, right? And I don’t really need to have both eyes to see…”

I sincerely hope you feel better soon and thank you for incredible devotion to your art and your admirers.

I upped my patreon contribution as well, and will be keeping my eye out for art to purchase. Keep fightin’, Jackie. We’re all pulling for you.

When I had my appendix out last July, my brother brought in my new(ish) tablet and even scrounged up the charger. Since I wound up spending 8 days in the hospital, it was a godsend. I even got to keep up with my webcomic addiction from there!

Anyway, tossing youse a bone via Patreon. After all, Between Failures is the one comic I make the effort to read regardless of where I am M/W/F, home, work, PC, tablet or phone.

Since your income is less than optimal, there may be some programs that could help mitigate the cost.of a hospital stay.

Hmm, would’ve went with something with a lower cut (show’s off that hip bone), and with the back cut out. Definitely with the back cut out.

Most, if not all, hospitals in my area offer free wifi to patients. Ask your nurse if your hospital offers free wifi and what the password is. At the very least have your computer show you the list of wifi in range.

I try to avoid using public internet for important things, buying/selling, money transfer, ect. Since the security is often questionable. The comic stuff falls into the important category for me too, so I use public places for it sparringly.

As a computer security professional I endorse your caution. Sadly hospital WiFi network security is nearly always abysmal. It’s not uncommon for it to be run by the only nurse in the hospital who was able to connect a home WiFi router to her internet modem … with help via a phone call to a CompSci major she knew in college. I try to only use public WiFi to VPN to another system or if I’m on a computer I wouldn’t mind leaving with a total stranger for a few hours.

Is it possible to set up a donation campaign of sorts to cover the medical coast?

Specifically, I mean something separate from Patreon that shows the progress in paying the debt off.

I suppose I could set up a go fund me, or some such thing. The actual cost is not that high in the grand scheme of things, but for someone whose primary income source is art it’s pretty crippling… I’ll look into it.

Jackie I hope so much that you get better. I honestly don’t think any of us mind you doing a bit of self-preservation on the monetary side. I know I certainly won’t complain, since that’s basically all I CAN do with no money…

I think there’s more than a few of us in that boat.
Get well, Jack. Thanks for keeping up the comic!

Lovely on the page! Well done Carol!
And sorry you are sick! Sending good vibes, prayers, and all sorts of happy healing. (and unicorns, also sending unicorns. :) )

And once she starts using her boob-fu, those pants will get tighter. And it looks like Carol won’t be allowing any tank tops ;>

The high price of health care in T.U.S.O.A. is directly related to the rise of”health-insurance”.
And with “Obama[No]Care” passed, the prices will just rise faster;
As they have already started to do.

Get better, Crave.

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