1402 MMA

Sorry this page is incomplete. I ended up sick in bed for two days and couldn’t finish it. I think the other pages are finished, but I need to lay down again. Hopefully I’ll be okay tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding guys.


Thomas’ nose looks weird in panel three.

Hope you feel better soon!

Yeah, there should be some basic lines on the side of it to show the detail of his nose. I understand where the artist is coming from, but I don’t think that the details would just disappear in a direct view.

I’m gonna echo the rest of your fine commenters and say take your time with this. No one gets to read your comic if you work yourself to death. Plus, it’s kind of funny to imagine that between the last page and this, Thomas somehow waxed/shaved his entire chest.

I breezed through the comic, then came to the comments. It wasn’t until I read your comment Watson, that I realized that Thomas was – er – somewhat depilated. Your suggested scenario explaining it was hilarious.

You know, I’ve heard that it takes a lot of perseverance to make it in the mma. But a healthy dose of -ahem- “talent” certainly doesn’t hurt. And Carol has talent in spades.

Take as much time as you need Jackie. We can wait.

In the 1980s, there was a fighting-like sport, called: belly bucking. In BB, men with huge guts, [+ each had one gut], would use body mass + force, to crash his gut into his opponent, to knock the opponent over, I guess. [Maybe women did BB, too].

…Maybe Mammary Martial Arts could be a fighting style similar to belly bucking.
[ I think BB had a small audience. I can’t find much on the internet about BB, today].

I saw a “news” report on TV once about a gal who taught MMA. Needed to be a C-cup minimum, as I recall. The images of her demonstrations were…compelling. Like Thomas, it’s hard to tell that you’ve lost, even when you’re lying on your back, bruised and swelling.

Sounds a lot like sumo wrestling to me.

Or Fat Albert and Buck Buck. Wow , none of that’s PC anymore is it? Anybody seen the mad bomber from the Muppets or the myna bird and the little native boy in forever? It’s terrible to lose one’s innocence. It’s worse to lose one’s sense of humor. It’s important to remember that in humor, someone or something is always denigrated-even or especially when it’s self deprecating. There’s a surefire way to tell if a joke is either very offensive or completely inoffensive-it isn’t funny. When you can be laughed at and not feel like a wronged party owed something by society, you’ve matured-and may come to be known as that wonderful thing- A good example.

It’s sort of like Sumo wrestling. except in sumo, you can use your arms for grabbing your opponent, and grappling with him or her, and such.

Just a minor thing, yet it does bother me. The sports bra is great; it’s obvious you took a design from a real model. And the straps should be wider otherwise activity will cause them to cut into poor Carol’s flesh. Other than that, I’ve enjoyed your character development a lot. You’ve created a very entertaining universe.

Yeah – Jackie already admitted in the previous (Gun Show) blurb that getting the details of the sports bra exact was more trouble that it’s worth. The fact that readers can only find nitpicks to object to in his art speaks volumes for the quality of the comic.

Sorry you are feeling poorly Jackie. Take whatever time you need to get better. Thanks again – and again – and again – for your very entertaining comic. It will be worth waiting for you to get better to see more of it.

A steadfast disciple!

He just waiting to get the breast beatdown!
Flying Tits of Fury!
Side boob Haymaker!

and her finisher…The Pillowy Softness…OF DOOM!!!!!!!!

Get well soon crave!

KILL that sickness…KILL it with your AWESOME!!!!!!!

…and also sleepytime tea.

Sir Jackie, I need some hairs on that chest.
But most importantly, I need you to be fine and not sick at all again.

I was thinking of you in the night. There’s this impressive and beautiful storm tonight. It makes every thought looks magical.
So, Jackie, tonight you were magical.
And it’s strange, in my mind that last sentence didn’t look so sexy.

Anyway take care of you. I’ll send you some Lambrusco.

Ha hA! B-D Well done Jackie! I never thought “Bards” would be so drawn to MMA.

(Still trying to catch up, I’ll be sure to comment on last/most-recent page)

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