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This might have been the second page I tried to make in Manga Studio. It got away from me a bit looking at it now. I get the linework under control better from here on. Things are a little to wispy here and there for my tastes.

These two. They have a strange relationship. I’m just gonna let you guys enjoy watching this one unfold over time. There’s still a couple of days left on the auction for the drawing of Alex I did, but I think it’s topped out. I’m actually surprised it went as high as this. I wasn’t sure if she was all that popular. LINK

There are still some twists and turns left in the first furry adventure, but things are winding down. Just need to tie up enough loose ends to wander away for a bit.

I watched season 1 of Game Of Thrones. It was really good, I liked it. Unfortunately I don’t have access to any of the other seasons. I thought maybe they were on one of the digital services, but alas it was not so. Well, not unless you buy them anyway. That doesn’t really solve my problem. Anyway, I’m stuck in the limbo of the past until the next season is 50% off someplace. XD Maybe next Xmas. I seem to recall seeing some of the sets on deep discount around then. I already know a lot of the stuff that happens just from being a human nerd and having others in my life who were early adopters. I was surprised by how some of the stuff played out though. Like, I expected Kal Drogo to be around a while, but he never even made it off the road. He seemed like he was going to be a big deal.
My favorite character is Tryian Lanister. He’s pretty much the only Lanister I like. I also like John snow and his chubby buddy. Ned Stark’s youngest daughter is also a compelling character.
I enjoy hating Joffrey. I can’t wait to see him die in whatever manner death chooses for him. I’m also rooting for Jamie Lanister to get killed horribly.
I’m sympathetic to Dayera, or whatever her name is. Stormborn. I’m not sure I want her to “win” but I feel like she has the makings of a potentially decent ruler. Just tough enough to get things done, not so tough as to be a piece of shit all the time. Their world seems to demand a balance of those qualities. People who hold to honor pretty much get fucked in the long run. Like poor Ned. T^T
I actually like the scheming guys at the palace. I forget their names. Baldy, Showtunes, and oldy. Their machinations are fun and watching them spar is also fun, even if I’m not sure I like them, per se. I like that very few characters act without motivation. People are dicks for reasons and are also sometimes redeemed in some small ways. Even Joffrey has moments of almost being human. Very tiny moments that haven’t really helped me not want to watch him die, but still. They all have ogre like layers. Even the best guy so far had a bastard son, so nobody is perfect.

I’m not much for reading, but I’m seriously considering trying to find audiobooks of the series, just to see how much more there would have been if I read them. I’m of two minds about it because with Walking Dead I feel like the show is the superior story, and don’t really want to spoil that image with the source material. I’m afraid that GOT will be the same. Anyone have any opinions on that? Is the source material worth looking into?

Also, does anyone think that the Walking Dead comics are worth reading in spite of the show being better? (In my opinion.)


With GOT the first season is really the only season to follow the source material. I stopped reading midway through book 2 (which is normally sacraligious for me) because I was enjoying the show that much better. However, I have GOT purist fans who swear the show is awful for not following the book and refused to watch after the second season, so it totally depends on your own view.

They are both good in their own rite. You just have to take them as their own thing.

They are both good in their own right. You just have to take them as their own thing.

Exactly – that’s the same argument I use for Lord of the Rings. I enjoyed the books – I needed a month to finish them, though, because they’re really wordy – and I also enjoyed the films. It’s often not possible to adapt something 1 to 1 – and sometimes an adaption isn’t good despite, but because of these changes.

Different kinds of media require different ways to tell a successful story. What makes a good book often makes a crappy movie. And what makes a good T.V. show often doesn’t make a good movie. And comic book storytelling is different from all of them (I give you the movie Batman & Robin as a case in point. As a comic book, it is exactly what made DC popular, but as a movie it seemed corny, and over-the-top.) Translating from one type of media to another is what causes the changes. Some people are just better at translating than others.

That’s true, I felt the same with Harry Potter too. However I have found that watching the show/movie first then reading the book after is a better experience. If I read the book first, I experience a lot more content and then I find that I’m expecting too much out of the show/movie, whereas if I watch the show first then reading the book after just gives more depth to what I already experienced. That being said, GOT is a much much more immersive book series than anything else I have ever read. Highly recommended.

Yes! ALWAYS see the movie before you read the book. In my experience, you’ll just be disappointed otherwise.

I’m pretty blessed with an ability to like different versions of the same thing for what they are, without one taking away from the other, and not feeling like I have to pick a favorite. I read the Walking Dead comics before I watched the show. I love both, and I particularly love how the show diverges from the comics, so I never quite exactly know what to expect. I felt the show wasn’t quite as good until the third season, but it’s gotten much better since.

For Game of Thrones, I’ve watched the first three seasons before trying out the books. The books are long. There is a lot of details. I love them still, and if you enjoy complex storylines and polityical intrigue, the books simply deliver so much more than the show, mostly because they can.

The show also diverges a lot from the books, so I feel that it’s perfectly worthwhile to follow both. And maybe someday you’ll want to look into all the fan theories about this character or that group, and that’ll make you want to read the books even more.

But the show is awesome, with great acting, great acting, great sets and costumes…

I agree, they’re both worth following for their own reasons. My friend loves the show but finds the books long and convoluted and boring. Purists find the books more detailed and if you’re into worldbuilding and political intrigue, they’re incredible. If you’re not a big reader, you’ll get enough from the show, but you’ll get more from the books – things may be furter explained. They’re good in their own ways.

I think one of the interesting parts of the show is that, because the books follow POV characters, the show puts more emphasis on characters who were only ever seen through someone else’s perspective, to flesh them out and make them feel more complete. It’s seen with Robb Stark, but even more so with Robb’s love interest, who has essentially no purpose in the books, and was actually a very well-rounded and interesting character in the show.

It’s just one of the things where you have to separate the two. Understand that the budget for this show and the cost to make it are insane, so they have to combine characters or kill them off early or whatever to save money. They do it when they can. Accept the differences and let them go. It’s not like with Legend of the Seeker, where the show was nothing like the book after the first episode and wasn’t particularly good in general. It is a good show and if you ignore the books completely, I doubt you’ll complain about much. I think it’s mostly purists who whine.

Interesting point! The Red Wedding (Being careful with spoilers here) was much more emotional in the show with that love interest. However I found the suspense to be more thrilling in the book.

All of what you say about game of thrones characters is pretty much mine as well, but I actually started liking Jamie Lanister in later seasons.

And now for something completely different.

While standing face to face, Nina pulls Reggie close, bends him over backwards, leans over and kisses him.

Nah, that would never happen but it’s surely different, right.

and now

A penguin riding a tricycle while holding up a Banana for scale.

Between the show and the books, i feel the books are superior, both in story and in portraying the characters. Don’t get me wrong, the show is well cast, and pretty interesting, but after having read the books, some of the changes baffle me, while others make me slightly cringe. Mostly its when they change why or how a character does something, that bothers me the most. I feel its a form of character derailment, that often doesnt suit the character at all. I will avoid posting spoilers, but simply say that i do recommend reading/hearing the books (audiobooks), they are pretty damn awesome.

My biggest issue with that was Dany’s wedding night. The gentleness he showed was the reason she wanted to conect with him, and without that, I saw no motivation for her to try. It has really been the only massive complaint I’ve had.

Uh Oh……

It looks like Evrina may be setting her sights on Reggie, but I don’t know if he wants to have her as a girlfriend. Oops.

Yeah, I thought she might have been indicating that too. Or it could just be “I’m glad you like the nice guy and not the total dick or I wouldn’t be nearly as supportive.”

As a… Plump… guy… plump girls have it way easier than we do but goddam Alex is pretty. Like to the point where one wonders where she got that confidence from…

I DESPERATELY want John and Alex to get together. There is this ridiculous idea that thin or commercially are not attracted to fat women. And when they are we tend to marginalize them as sexual deviants and call them things like chubby chasers and shit. As a below average size chick I’m marrying a heavy set dude, and I’ve dated heavy guys before and no one has ever given me shit for it. But my guy friends express their anxiety about even being attracted to heavier women. It would just be nice to see that.

I’m not really attracted to body type, I could go for pmuch anyone, as far as that goes. I’m attracted more to personality as far as my choices in girls. Guys too, I mean really either I love you for you & I’m dating you because I intend to eventually marry you or I’m not interested. I might be friends with you, but eh.

I’ve seen it and been victim to it as a lean dude, and it is such a ridiculous double standard, thanks for bringing it up. There is this one online friend I have that we tease a lot, but only because he’s obnoxious about his preferences, rather than just having them (at least, I don’t want to make it seem like I’m attacking him)

I keep meaning to watch more than just individual episodes of GoT. I get to halfway through the first one and stop before it all goes to Hell.

Wow. I hate to do this but It’s Tyrion Lannister not – whatever you wrote.
Also: I hope we can get back to the regular cast soon now. I miss them.

For what it’s worth, I noticed immediately that some of the lines in your drawing this one were different… more subtle or delicate or something. I actually really liked it; it kinda seemed like an evolutionary change.

And I realize that Evrina is actually showing affection here, but God, she’s an asshole about it.

If I can give advice, it would be this. Read the books (or audiobooks) first, then watch the show. It’s a good idea because if you watch the show first, the books will seem somewhat tedious, but you’d miss out on a story that is turning out to be REALLY different.

…My impression of GoT was that the show was very similar to the books, but the pacing and POVs were different. The show seems to focus more on characters I’m not as fond of (Sansa, Dany) and less on my favorites (Arya, Jon Snow), but that’s changed over the last season or so. (And they seem to spend even more time on another favorite, Tyrion.) Like I said, pacing seems to be the biggest difference to me. BUT then I read all these comments and I’m wondering now if it’s just been too long since I read the books. All the big picture stuff seems the same to me, so maybe it’s just the details. For what it’s worth, I read the books first and found them a bit tedious. I like the show more. And Jaime Lannister gets a LOT better!

As @TRA and @Ooorah indicated above, it seems Evrina has something in mind (or in her pants) for Reggie. I suspect he would rebuff her, though; she’s far too base. Then, there’s the matter of family history.

On a completely different track, I wonder what would happen if two bookworms like Nina and Alex got together? That would be an awesome meeting, if it hasn’t already occurred, in-universe.

Honestly? I say go for the audiobooks, definitely. I love the show a lot, and in some ways it has a one-up on the books (for instance, as stated by a previous commenter, since each chapter follows a single POV character and there are only a certain number of POV characters in each book, the show gets to show certain characters in the spotlight in ways that they weren’t able to be shown, at least onscreen, in the books).

But at the same time, while the books can be a bit plodding at points, I still very much prefer them, because they also show sides to the characters that we don’t get to see in the show (though with the change in the medium and stuff like internal monologues, that’s an unavoidable change) there are characters that are either omitted from the show entirely or are so changed as to be new characters on their own, and many of which actually strengthen the books in comparison to the show. There’s also a greater sense of world-building and detail to the world of ASOIAF that isn’t quite AS present in the show, though it IS there. And as the show goes on, there are changes made to characters/character motivations and events that just….really don’t work as well, and at times are just downright cringe-inducing/baffling/offensive.

Overall, I’d say go for the audiobooks, but don’t give up on the show either.

Oh, and of course, the actors/acting, sets, music, and all of that are DEFINITELY big points in the show’s favor.

I don’t expect anybody to win in Game of Thrones. I mean at the end of the series surely someone might have the throne, but will have suffered a great amount of loss. So much so, that it won’t feel like they’ve won anything.

I like the new page. I won’t say it’s a definite improvement because I always immediately like change, but I will say there hasn’t been any loss of appeal with the Manga Studio page.

I like the thinner lines, it looks more elegant (for lack of a better word.) You can see more of the fine details as intended when they’re not covered up with a huge Sharpie-style black mark.

As far as Game Of Thrones, you should really read the books. They’re good books and, if nothing else, it makes it a lot easier to remember who the characters are.

I’m a silent longtime reader and I noticed the change immediately in this page. I really like it. It looks more detailed somehow, though I’m not sure it actually is. It’s a refreshing difference even if you don’t stick with it!

Ok, I’m on season four of Game of Thrones, but I refuse to spoil anything. I will say it keeps getting better as it goes on, in my personal opinion. You & I like similar characters, Crave. My favorite without a doubt is definitely Ned Stark. Anyway, we’ll be able to talk more the farther you get. I’m watching with my brother-in-law & sister, on their DVDs, so I’m probably gonna be stuck for awhile. I look forward to reading your reactions to the show, so please continue to post your progress. Many Thanks!

One day John will realize the joys of a bigger lady. Alex is a beauty in both brains and body.

Also, I can really see the difference in program choices, I am frankly glad that art is looking a little more streamlined.

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