1277 Thing To See.

Okay, so here’s the thing about how the Teen plays Guitar Hero. When she “strums” she flicks her thumb down the clicker. I’ve never seen anyone play that way. One direction every time. My understanding is that you can strum up and down. So I’ve only ever seen people act like the clicker is a pick. I asked her about it and she said that’s how her other cousins did it so that’s how she learned, and it was too late now. It was just an odd little thing I noticed. It doesn’t seem to impede her, I just never thought about doing it a different way. I mean with most controllers there’s just the one way things work, but with a guitar one you can kind of taylor them to suit how you want to play. I even thought about making it left handed, but she held it right handed so I didn’t make an issue of it.

I’m almost done with the image I bargained with to get her the guitar. She even wrote a thank you note to include. Unfortunately one of they keys is sticky and I don’t have the requires screwdriver to ope the thing up. I have a head for one of those ones with a bunch of tips but it’s way too wide to fit into the holes. Anyway I ordered a set because I’m sick of not having them when I need them.

Anyway I’ve been in the tees room since a little while after supper because she was lonely, so that’s all the words you get I’m afraid.


Too much Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines automatically made me think Jess was going to turn Jo into a vampire…which would be absolutely perfect, with Jess wearing a Marceline outfit =)

I strummed the same way as well, even on Hard and Expert, I could never get the hang of strumming up and down with the timing.

I know someone who handled every single game controller where it sat upside-down in their hand, so they were using their pinky and forefinger to press buttons.
It still baffles me how he played with no trouble

That’s how I used to do it, because I have huge hands.

The first XBox controller was an absolute f^#&ing godsend, and I played the hell out of HALO because I could actually use the controller. Then they discontinued it, and I stockpiled a couple from Gamestop. Then the 360 came out, I played ODST and that was the last console game I played because now I knew how a controller was supposed to fit, and I wasn’t willing to back to the tiny pixie garbage.

Now I’m a Kerbal Space Program and Minecraft guy because those games actually run on my Linux machine, and don’t require a special controller.

Jackie, The teen is very lucky to have you in her life. As a teenager, she’s probably not appreciative right now, but she will be!

“We can go in a minute.”

I’m sure that waiting a minute has a perfectly good explanation.

I’m still convinced that Jesse is going to take advantage of the access permitted by that fallen strap though. that just seems to be how she rolls.

Has anyone else had this experience? You realized you were not going where you wanted to, and needed to make other plans? I was over 30 before I got my life turned around.

Most of the other folks I worked with are still plodding down that dead-end road, and they’re starting to shuffle off into unsatisfactory retirements. Generally, it’s pretty hard to stay an Armed Guard in a nuke plant when you’re much over 60 unless you’re Jack LaLanne, and many of my friends are up around there.

I’m now a college graduate with an associate’s degree because in 2006 I read a book called MiG Pilot by a fellow named John Barron. There are other reasons, but this book was the catalyst.


I managed to score my copy at no cost.

I had heard the story of Lieutenant Belenko before — I could tell you where and when, but then I’d have to kill you — I don’t know if what I saw is still classified or not, 25 years later. That said, I must acquire this book.

I already had two years of college as a Psychology Major under my belt when I withdrew for various reasons, the main one being the political climate in the field in the mid-1970s. After a dozen years of working Security in some of the tightest places in Connecticut (chemical factories, munitions plants, nuclear power stations, Secret Navy Research bases — no $#!+) the techs and engineers kept beating me up to go back to school and get a real degree. Working full-time (I owned a house and a newish car) and going to school part-time, it took another six years to get my BS, major in Computers and Information Science (yes, I can build computers from the chips up and write machine code in hexadecimal out of my head) and minor in Mathematics (can’t count past 10 without a calculator).

Haha! I was in the Marines with a secret clearance at one point in my life. Whatever you are trying to not tell me that you would have to kill me for would probably just bore me to death, anyway.

I guess what I’m saying is I suspect the act of telling me is what would kill me.

Well, here goes, anyway:

The Russians are Coming!
The Russians are Coming!

Oh, wait — you already recommended the book…

Gah! I know all the sweating is probably supposed to be sexy looking, and it is really, but its so hot and muggy here I can’t wait for this scene to end even though I love these characters, all your characters really, and their current cute interactions.

I hate the big ball of fire in the sky sometimes….

The sweating is supposed to make it look like its hot outside and they’ve been fooling around. Jess and Jo are tougher when it comes to temperature than, say Carol or Thomas. XD

I really enjoy the heat. When I was in better shape, I almost thrived on it.

I can’t lie, though. Arizona bested me, even in my prime. That’s too much heat even for me to enjoy.

As a native Arizonan, it’s less about the heat and more about the CANCER RAINING FROM THE SKY.

I’d be more of an outdoor person if we had a little bit of ozone around here…

That’s how I play Guitar Hero too. Like whoever said it before, I can’t figure out the timing to go up and down. Even when I play an actual guitar (I’m like, the level before”beginner”–maybe “noob?”), I have trouble with picking. Or strumming upwards.

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