1276 Hobbit Hole.

This has been one of my least productive weeks in recent memory. With all the school nonsense I’ve been stymied at every turn. I have a page of lineart to finish, two pages of color to do, a side project to get started on, and actual art on real paper that needs doing. The first two are what I’m actually late on. I like to be fully done with next week’s pages the week prior. Well, actually I like to be 3 weeks ahead of the game, but that is just a far off dream now. The other things are not on a set schedule, but I need to add them in because just doing them whenever will be a recipe for disaster come their due dates. That reminds me… I never got paid for a commission recently. I should check on that. I think I’ll do it right now. Be right back. Ok, I’m back. That’s taken care of. I have no idea how long I forgot about that. Should have checked the date.

The commissioner is, like, an editor or something on this site: pixlbot.com/ Game news, and that. I like it because it’s clean and not covered in a thousand annoying ads that make noise and pop shit up. In fact, it could probably do with some more ads if anything. Maybe on the sidebars? Get some revenue going. I dunno, maybe they have a different business plan. Anyway, check it out. Maybe the clean design will catch on and make games journalism less shitty.

Just got done watching Summer Slam with the Teen. That’s why this post just kind of stops. I was so busy today I had to cram it between getting water and dinner. I also got a lot of my commission done for another guy because the Teen makes me sit I the kitchen when she cooks. Anyway I’ll post a picture of the guitar comission when I’m done. Maybe you guys will like it. Hopefully the recipient will too.

Also, remind me to tell you about the Teen playing Guitar Hero.


I don’t understand the Kinder Egg jab. Is Reggie implying Ed has a small capsule with a trinket inside of him, thus making him illegal for sale within the United State?

His implication is that Ed is small and full of junk. Not every insult is meant to be grade A.

Its that a reference to the Kender from the DragonLance book series? If so, Reggie said it wrong, but kudos for the reference. If not, you should read the series sometime, when you get the chance of course.

Kinder Eggs are a type of candy with a toy or something inside. They’re banned in some areas because kids apparently can’t be trusted to not eat the trinket too.

As far as I know they’re only banned in the US. In Germany, for example, they’re explicitly for “children of 6 years or above”. For us that’s the age when children commonly know better than to stuff everything in their mouths.

The only reasonable explanation would be than that children in the US don’t commonly learn to not stuff everything in their mouths. :)

We’re aiming to be ad-free for now, but when the time comes, ads will be on the sidebar.

I don’t wanna alienate new viewers and people, haha. Great comic as usual :P And I love the commission! Sorry it took so long for me to notice that!

So is “Kinder Egg” an anti-homoerotic defensive slam by Reggie? All I can find on it is a that it is a chocolate candy with a small toy inside… and this right after Harry Potters Homoeroticus Charm against the dark arts is suggestive. But its kind of an odd, and in this country, obscure reference so I do feel particularly sure I’m getting it right. (at first my mind wanted to tell me it read “Kender Egg” which nearly lead to a search on Dragonlance Kender that would have warped some old childhood memories…. )

Still its fun to see Thomas’s padawan starting to use his training.

Kinder eggs are so famous it surprises me that people over here aren’t aware of them. I’ve never even seen one in real life and I know about them. Anyway I explained reggies thinking in another comment and I don’t want to do it on my phone again.

I seem to have mostly ended up conversing with and reading the online serials of folk who are american or catering to same. The one “European” online serial I read was about teens who didn’t babysit small children… maybe it wasn’t a big thing in that author’s life.

My guess is either you converse with or read the works of more Europeans (or world travelers) than I or perhaps you converse with more toy collectors, since you are one, and the Kinder Egg toys are a collectible.

Any way its highly illegal here I guess so the only real life folk I could hear it from would be tourists who happened to be paying attention at the right shops and I know very few people like that.

Thanks for explaining the joke. I totally lost my humor compass after I went on the Kender tangent (he’s short and reminds someone of Harry Potter so it was vaguely possible )

The thing on Kinder Eggs is a sham and anti-competitive lobbying by the makers of the knock off eggs. Disney princess, cars, MLB and all sorts of crap that show up in the local Walmart. Nieces can’t have any because of food allergies so they got the Princess toy and I got to eat the disgusting shell of “chocolatey” coating [contains no actual chocolate]

Oh BTW – Canadian here. We get the crappy Kinder Eggs here normally [stickers are not a toy damn it] but there are enough importers bringing them in from all over Europe. I like the Dutch and Polish ones [peanut free as a bonus]. Mini figs that most times require at least some assembly and actual wood toys.

The Kinder Egg ( was) a delicious, fun little thing. Now they changed the chocolate and made the toys less fun. You used to be able to build the toys, now it’s solid.

This comic is bringing up nostalgic bitterness.

P.S. After Jumanji don’t forget to tell us about the teen playing Guitar Hero. (or was I supposed to wait longer to remind you?)

Please, If you would, please explain what worked for Ed.

Was Ed trying to find a tolerable + workable [working relationship] with Reggie, and he found it by just doing a fantastic job at work? I’m just puzzled.

No. I refuse to explain. You work it out for yourself.

Sure thing. Hope I didn’t ruffle somefeathers or anything. I’m just usually not nonplussed by the dialogue in comics. Hm. Waddya know. I guess that makes me an expert at reading comics, andcomic books, other comical literature. *snicker* Hee hee. : )

Actually Ed was obfuscating insultation by using homoerotic fixation.

I know this because I am the very model of a modern major general. ;)

Good job, Ed! Grasshoppuh obviously snatched that pebble from the Master’s hand.

Kinder Eggs — they used to be fun. Years ago, I got pulled for Jury Duty and spent a week in lovely New London, Connecticut (it really is a nice old New England town, — most of it, anyway). There were so many restaurants in easy walking distance from the Courthouse, I never ate at the same place twice. One was a great little European-style Delicatessen, Standing Room Only (no dining-in) and they had these funny foil-covered candy eggs called Kinder Surprise. I was addicted to the Cadbury Creme Eggs (AKA smeggs) anyway, so I tried one, and got a little mint-green plastic egg inside. The egg held a little, plastic, toy fox and a Super Foxes comic printed in Polish and Czech on a plastic sheet. Lukas Teisejas, the little ‘Jurist’ fox, still stands in a recess in one of my monitor stands at work, and reads me the day’s latest court briefs.

More about the Super Foxes: http://mlj.pagesperso-orange.fr/kinder/bpz/1998-fancy-fuxies.html

More about Kinder Surprise and Joy Eggs: http://www.ferrero.com/products/kinder/eggs/game-and-snack

Hah. That page lists your fox as “Richter Rechtso” in German, which is a bit of a pun. Run “richter”, “recht” and while at it “so” through dict.leo.org to assemble the puzzle.

Dagnab ya, you got me looking up this silliness. I have a list (compiled mostly from the page mentioned) that gives all of Lukas’ aliases. The ‘Teisejas’ name comes from the Lithuanian comic in which he was wrapped; it translates to ‘Judge Luke’.

Of course, I had to find translations for all of his names. Some of them are just given names (Lija Sudija means ‘Judge Lija’); most are puns varying from Richter Rechtso (I’ll let the readers look it up) to Sedzia Pewniak (Judge Upperdog or ‘Top Dog’). Several translate to ‘Judge Judge’. The only one of which I couldn’t make a clean translation (thanks, Google Translate) was Ludis Likumkalps. Ludis is a Latvian given name (think Ludwig or Louis) but Likumkalps seems to mean ‘whatsis’ or ‘thingamajig’. I could waste a weekend on this…

Why this comics name is different from previous comic? It saves “BFP1276.png” instead of “2014-08-18-BFP1276-hobbit.png” for example.

Why are you saving the page in the first place?

Prolly to read in the times between internet, to archive the comic in a way to make it easier to catch up with. I used to do it a lot in the Navy, where you’d have unreliable access to the compies.

I need to offer the archives as ebooks or something.

Yes! Could also be a patrean (spelling?) reward or something. Also maybe a general reward or simply for sale. But I need them and don’t have a credit card, so maybe you can come up with something else as well. We all know you’re very creative.

Christ, Reggie is always trying so hard to be unlikeable. -_-

It’s not so much that he’s unlikeable as it is that there are people who lack the capacity to appreciate his greatness. And those people are the majority.

America actually used to have our own equivalent of the Kinder Egg called the Wonder Ball but it got discontinued in 2000 and then got released with candy and then later discontinued again because of a choking hazard. I hadn’t heard about the Kinder Egg until I watched a British YouTuber who talked about it. Great comic btw! First heard about you on the Guest Strip in Questionable Content and then had a binge read and got through all of it in about a day. Favorite character is probably Jo with Nina as a close second. Loved the Mass Effect Carol craziness too. I honestly just bought the game last week and still haven’t played it…Yeah. I suck, I know lol. Anywho. Good job and keep it up. Much love!

Thanks for giving it a try and you’re in for a treat with Mass Effect. It still holds up as one of the best games of all time even after all these years.

Yeah. No probs. I’ve kinda gotten away from the world of video games after this most recent generation. The problem is that, like movies, the better the graphics get, the less they care about making an actual narrative. It’s one of the other reasons I shied away when I first started to get interested because of the whole Mass Effect 3 ending fiasco. That and the Call of Duty and Halo franchises sort of confirmed my suspicions that they’re out to keep releasing the same cash cows simply because people are attracted to the name. Sad to say, I’m starting to lump the Final Fantasy series into this category now as not one of them from 10-2 onward has made me wanna play it from start to finish like every other game in the series.

A friend of mine finally convinced me to pick it up though so hopefully on the next day off, I’ll sit down for a day or so with the phone on silent and develop Carol eyes lol.

Be prepared to set aside a significant chunk of time. It takes me an average of 40 hours to clear each Mass Effect (so 120 hours for all three games), but that includes playing all of the DLC, completing every mission (and romance), getting every piece of gear, and exploring every map to the fullest extent possible.

I’ve played through the entire series three times now, and am planning a fourth run. I’m pretty sure that I know how the decision tree works, and have played Paragon, Renegade, and Neutral Shepards (male and female) as Soldier, Adept, and Engineer.

A word of advice: If you are going to import your character from ME1 to ME2, or ME2 to ME3, keep in mind that if you choose to re-customize your character’s looks, your facial features get completely reset to the default face, and you build from there. All I wanted to do was to change the hair style. Had to completely rebuild the face from scratch. Wish I had made notes about what I had done originally.

You are in for such a ride :)

So far amazingly enough, it hasn’t gotten me latched yet, probably because I already have caught the Minecraft sickness. Sat with it for about 3 hours on my first playthrough and I can see why people like it. The system is really good. Chose an Adept for my first time. Seems very slow to start though and I had to bump up the difficulty to the max to keep myself from getting too bored. I guess my biggest problem so far is I still haven’t noticed any diversity in the game. I make plenty of choices and surprisingly find myself taking the Thomas route but it feels like even if I had went with the “The Universe is my bitch” tactic, there wouldn’t be any change.. Hoping to be proven wrong because so far, it’s not quite what I was hoping for.

Have you considered finding someone to do the colouring for you, at least for a short time? Maybe if you had some temporary help it might give you a decent chance to get ahead.

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