1219 The Tell.

Deciding on a hair color for Jo is tough. Only a few shades look good to my eye.

Well, Wrestlemania was pretty intense, if you’re in to that sort of thing. One heck of an upset. The Teen was horrified by it. I was surprised and amused. We came in late because nobody thought to make the time conversion from eastern to mountain…

The teen is totally devastated, so that’s fun…


Wait, is Reggie actually being……nice? O_O

He wasn’t always a dick.

Well, no one is always a dick. Something just happens to turn them that way…or poor upbringing. In which case, you spank the parents too!

Jo looks even more adorable back then. And now we’re in an episode of the Twilight Zone: Reggie Edition.

I hope Mike has got the luck and don’t get jumped by Mr. Dead.

Wonder who Captain Walker is in this scenario?

I was just wondering why everyone always has on the same exact color blue. I figure its a uniform thing, but they’re wearing clothes that they bought, right? or is this probably just an artistic decision?

It’s their work shirt with their normal shirt under it usually (I’m guessing you can decide to wear it by itself or with a shirt under it, but I guess that depends on the style (button up or regular work shirt)

Everyone hits a point where either: (A) their morale is crushed; (B) society’s epidemic stupidity embitters their heart; (C) Carol did something to him, which would be unlikely, as she too was a fresh recruit at that point; (D) like St. Lucifer before him, he was praised by all and became consumed by hubris.

I just hope that we see what caused Nina to become so nice, and how much of a super bitch she was in high school! However, I’d really want to see the former, so that we know what Reginald Boothe could face if he continues down the path of arrogance.

I can relate to this. I used to be a much, much happier and outgoing person before things happened in life that forced me to change at the expense of personal and social relationships.

“Who run Bartertown, Aunty?”

“Look at him. He has the mind of a child.”

I love Jo’s obsession with movies, and of course she overcomes her (slightly autistic) neuroses by quoting them.

Yeah okay that is just down right UNNATURAL. I like nice Reggie, but hell if that is not severely creeping me out.

It’s ok to pick a hair color for Jo that doesn’t look good. I know from my friends who dye their hair that sometimes you pick a terrible shade and you have to live with that for a while before you can fix it.

Huh, I thought she always dyed her hair electric blue. She looks like if Jo had a younger sister with that Periwinkle shade of blue.

I love that you used that scene from Thunderdome to start the flashback – Savannah’s Tell has always touched something in me. “And there’ll comes a night, and they’s’ll see the flickering light, and they’ll be coming home.”

Man can’t end the world. Best we can do is end ourselves – and I really doubt we’ll be as competent as we like to think at doing *that*.

Man. Reggie even LOOKS new and happy. It’s like looking at the employees at Wal-mart. You know which ones have been there a long time and which ones won’t be there long.

(* snerk! *)

My old Lieutenant, from when I worked Security at the nuke plant, is a greeter at a Mal*Wart now. He says it’s the lowest-stress job he ever had — crappy pay and benefits aside — and perfect for his retirement.

The Teen is but one of the millions and millions who are in shock Crave.

I do’t think I”ll ever look at wreslting the same again.

(Still love it, just going to be a lot more cautious now)

“The teen is totally devastated, so that’s”…

So, that’s what…? So that’s it and here’s a million dollars? That’s it and here’s your own spaceship? I mean what the f…… Oohh I get it! They GOT him! Somebody stuck him with a stake through the heart! Oh this is so sad… We pine for you…

Brown skin, purple eyes; I’m not surprised it’s hard to pick a hair color! You’ve made some good choices with Jo’s hair and clothes, Jackie.

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