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There’s an episode of Scrubs where Turk, Carla, JD, and Elliot are seen walking toward camera down a hallway. In that moment I noticed exactly how tiny Carla was compared to everyone else. I never noticed it before because she lives tall. Meaning that her personality gives her presence. (Also it’s not uncommon to shoot scenes in a way that lessens the effect of a person’s height.) I’m always reminded of this when I stand tall characters next to short ones. The fact that I also massage things to make panel framing work doesn’t help matters. XD

In a sort of related note, the Janitor towers over everyone. He’s 3 inches taller than the next tallest cast member, who happens to be Doctor Cox.


Interesting trivia about the Janitor from Scrubs for those who don’t know, Neil Flynn would ad-lib a lot of his lines in the show. Working off the original script, such wonderful moments like the Janitor’s alter ego Jan Itor came into being. Pretty much most of the Janitors awesome lines are Flynn, ad-libbing it up. And if it seems like I’m getting this off wikipedia, you bet your sweet bum I am.

And then ed walks in on jo boinking jess and everything stops being raindrops.

“I boinked her!”

Yes. I saw a movie once.

I was blindfolded and dragged into the theater. Wait, no… That was when my friends took me to see that Tom Green movie. What was it called?

Road Trip and…
Wait, was this the same movie?


Those two friends are girls, and I’m a known prude, so they both got a chuckle when I looked away for all the naked scenes.

I’ve noticed that you have a problem maintaining an equal height difference in your characters from page to page.

It’s not largely noticeable, but lately, you have posted a couple pages where you’ve skewed the height to fit everyone in the panel.

Have you ever sat down and drawn out each Character in a line-up? I think it would give you plenty of practice and an interesting Downloadable Background to see each character arranged in a Line-up so we as the audience can appreciate each character’s height in comparison to another characters.

I only bring this up, because in a couple pages ago, you showed Reggie, Ed and Brooks in a semi frontal line-up and you skewed Reggie’s height in comparison to Ed’s, but then on this page, Ed looks to be just as tall as Reggie, based on your line of view (i.e. the book shelves)

I also noticed that two pages ago, you showed a panel over-looking Mike’s shoulder, at Brooksie and Ed. This doesn’t seem like an important detail, but based on that reference, Brook’s head would come closer to Mike’s Jaw if not his nose, compared to how she only comes to his shoulder on this page.

Yeah except you guys are forgetting about distances from the “camera”.

When it’s looking over Mike’s shoulder Brooksie does look slightly taller, but that’s because she is further from where it’s being shot.

I did a quick check of the last 3 pages thinking about this, and i think that they are mostly spot on.

Yeah, I did the same thing when I wasn’t dead tired.

Still, it wouldn’t hurt to practice a line-up, plus it would give us fans an amazing background of the entire cast.

(* ftupid kyebored — ftill kant tpye *)

Okay, this time @Crave just eleven-o’clocked Jo’s KY00T control. Love the little lip-bite action, there. Also, I noticed that coloring Mike and Brooksie side-by saves having to swap the palette around.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a complete episode of Scrubs. The bits and snatches I have seen have been consistently good, and judging from the three years I spent working in a hospital in the mid 1970, appallingly realistic. Like (the comic strip version, anyway) Dilbert, it’s a documentary.

I have the first Despicable Me on DVD. It took me a while to get around to watching it, and I thought it was going to be a lot like MegaMind. I was wrong. It’s one of those stupid movies that leaves you aching from laughing.

You see, this is one of those movies that I practically offend my friends with when I tell them I haven’t seen it yet.

Despicable Me, I mean.

All I know is minions. I don’t even know anything about them. Well, except they kind of remind me of serv-bots.

It’s worth renting. Watch it with someone who has a goofy sense of humor. Someone somewhere between Judge Doom’s Weasels, and their idiot hyena cousins.

Brooksie’s definitely on a roll. She has a new lover and now she’s a supervisor. The only question is, can she control these two bucking (or should I say griping) broncos.

Reggie will mostly do okay, though he might get under Jolene’s skin from time to time. Based on Thomas’s reactions earlier, this won’t turn out so bad for her in the long run.

Ed is on pretty good terms with Jolene.

My point is I don’t think “control” is necessary, or even quite the right word.

Doesn’t mean there won’t be drama, though. Crave is cruel that way.

As a tradition in my selfamily, I would like to commemorate this particular comic for being the final comic in my campagne. This campagne symbolizes me reading said comic consecutively (as much as possible) from start to finish until I got to the current comic.
~Throws a handful of coloured confetti in the air~

Now on to this comic… Did John agree to be ass. manager?

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