1168 Sort Of.

Dun dun duuuun.

I had a dream the other night that was a full episode of Community. It explained, or rather was, an episode that made a strong case for Annie and Abed becoming a couple. I don’t remember all of it clearly, but it wasn’t just a crazy series of events. It made sense and matched the tone of the show. I’ve never dreamed anything like that. Not that I ever remembered anyway.

I almost wrote it down, but I was too tired to get up. Now I just vaguely remember Abed’s explanation to Annie about why they should be a couple.

This kind of dream would be really handy if it were about my own work, so I could just work in my sleep and write it all down when I woke up. Nocturnal fan fiction doesn’t seem like a better use of time that regular fan fiction to me. Maybe if my characters could slot into those roles a little better…


I’ve actually got a handful of stories banging around in my head that have been born simply because I dreamed about them.

The hard part is going to be making them make sense to anyone else.

The best one I have is probably the one about the kingdom whose children all get spirited away in a war. The story involves the trials of the children making the trip to the abductors’ lands, taking advantage of inner turmoil to escape, and their journey to get back.

When I started to develop the story more, I also came up with dealing with the politics of the kingdom and their children unexpectedly returning several years later. (*Spoiler* They get lost.)

Oh, what the hell does he want?

Uh, oh.
Looks like Baldylocks and the Three Hairs wants to give Thomas (or perhaps Nina) a piece of his mind. I hope he can spare it.

I’m a little concerned about the guy’s state of mind. Yeah, maybe he’s just coming to pick up the old lady and he happened to see Thomas there. I doubt he’s going to engage Master Blackwell in a contest of strength or fisticuffs — we’ve already seen that he’s no challenge for Thomas in that regard — see Willing — there’s not much likelihood of a confrontation. My worry is that he may be coming to have a ‘word’ with Nina, and guys like this one are frequently abusive towards women. At least until he sees our resident Amazon…

Couldn’t it just be the look you shoot at your wife’s hostile, more attractive ex? The guy who seems to be a fairly big reason for her dragging you back to her middle-of-nowhere hometown? The guy she clearly has some unresolved issues with?

I had a dream last night too! It was about a eight year old boy going slowly crazy, and the only thing that would stop the process was seeing his mother. But then she fell ill… good times.

As much as I love Community, you can’t be too sad that your work is derivative enough of Community that the characters won’t slot in :)

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