1144 The Mind Killer.

Apart from the hours put in to making another page I spent pretty much the entire day with the teen. For as little actual moving as we did I am strangely tired. We played COD and Borderlands. I added music to her iPod because it all got wiped when I started the process of sorting out the insane, communal, user ID that has been in control of it for god knows how long. We were watching the end of the first season of Community, but I stopped to set up the post for tonight. I’m going to suggest either Arrested Development or 30 Rock for the next series until I get more Community. They are similar enough in tone I think either one will work. 30 Rock is a lot longer and I haven’t seen Arrested Development in a while, so maybe it will win out.

I went ahead and got Pokémon Y, in spite of knowing I don’t have a lot of time for it. It’s neat. I like the upgrades, but it’s still Pokémon under the new paint. So far it’s been the least irritating Pokémon game in recent memory. At least as far as the starting areas go. I chose the grass type, whose name I don’t remember. I think it’s the cutest one, which gives you an insight in to my team building style…

Unlike many Animal Crossing players I have not forsaken my town for Pokémon. I simply allotted a little less time to fossil hunting. Which is why my Pokémon are level ten and I have only gone as far as the first Pokémon center…

Anyway, panel two is a little look at teen Thomas & Dawn. Before anyone calls bullshit on the beard I’m telling you right now that I could grow a full beard at 16 at least, so don’t give me any “he’s too young” bullshit. This panel is probably the most Thomas will ever actually look like me. XD At least like I did at that age.


I can relate to T so much. There are differences though. However I do see many of my friends being successful and I’m in retail so there you go.
Also, marginally is misspelled in the firsst frame. Unless it was magically.. but anyway, I love the depth you go into with your characters. They’re people, not just shells with enough story to entertain. I wish I could really meet them, I’m sure I’d get along with most of them.
I don’t know if you have multiple personalities or if you are just that insightful, but either way, I’m glad to be along for the ride.

Hey Crave? I’m assuming “maginally” is supposed to be “marginally”? Yes/no/maybe? Speech bubble 1, sub-bubble 4, line 2, 1st word of Thomas’ left speech bubble. Figured I’d point it out.

eh, I had mutton chops by age 16, a full beard by 17, sported the entire ensemble until 19 when it had to go for attempts at jobs, regrowing it now at age 20, but I actually started an entire trend at my school with the beard..it wasn’t no-shave november, it was no-shave year(s) when I went to school, even a few teachers were actually growing out beards before I left.

OK, you’re sort of convincing me of the believability of a high schooler actually able to grow a full, filled in beard. I swear, not a single guy in my high school could have, not even by senior year. I’m finding Thomas’ beard really hard to believe!

Based on my own experience with the beard growing contest when I was in high school, I can verify that at least some guys are able to grow a beard in high school. I finished probably second – they only gave out a prize for first – and I was 1/8 inch beard length behind the winner. My dad, on the other hand, won the contest when he was in high school – as a JUNIOR. He found it so scratchy that he didn’t bother entering when he was a senior.

….when it comes to the full beard and fashion style, teen Thomas is similar to my first real boyfriend….

I’ve not forsaken my town for Pokemon, even though I’ve got both games, it’s just that I’m on at strange times and have been busy in real life. Going out of town for an extended trip to the boyfriend’s on Saturday, so I’ve got to do loads of laundry, pack and try to find my room under what seems like endless amounts of stuff.

(Besides, I’ve never played AC before NL, so I’m excited a little to get all the Halloween goodies. Besides, *cue dramatic music*, I’m the mayor, I’ve taken vows! I must take care of my citizens by scaring the bejeebers out of them!)

Yeah, my High-School friend Geoff started growing his first beard when he was 15, so Thomas’ is no surprise. Geoff could do a great werewolf with that thing. Personally, I could skip a day shaving until I was about 19 and working; by the time I was 21 I was working on a ‘stache and had a full beard at 24 (working security usually brought anti-facial-hair dress codes).

Apropos that thought, we had a regulation at the nuke plant that, “Security Officers must keep their facial hair neat and professional in appearance.” One of my Stupidvisors had a mustache that looked pretty darned amateurish to me…

I… Wow.

Long time reader, first time commenter… I relate to Thomas so much here… The line “I’ve always been too afraid to really try,” has been the story of my entire life.

You have touched me today, sir. Bravo.

I have only one issue.
Did he dye it or something?

You obviously know little of beards. It might just as easily have been bright red. Hair and beard color don’t always match.

yeah, my brother has light brown hair but a ginger beard.

Yeah – I have the same situation. The hair on my head is brown but my beard has a distinct reddish tint to it. I’ve also seen a fair number of guys who are light brown – almost blond, but have a dark beard.

I’m Samoan with Swedish descent. I grow some reddish beards while having dark hair. Its plausible for people to have their beards mismatch from their hair.

My hair is a medium brown; when I first grew a beard, it came in a very dark brown. At the same time one of my coworkers — whose hair was quite dark — had his beard come in almost blond. It was as if his Italian and English heritages were struggling for control.

Today? Yeah, well, the beard is mostly gray and white.

Ugh, falling in love with your best friend does not end well. Hurts a lot. Like a stabbing wound in your gut and it feels like the knife is still there. Also the fear of pursuing the goals that you want to achieve hit me. Though I am trying, I’m still rather scared. Very scared.

Maybe check out Parks and Recreation if you haven’t already. I noticed it’s on Netflix and it is a great watch. First season comrpised of 6 eps were meh, but then suddenly the second season and beyond blew up into pure amazingness. I don’t know what happened with the writers but I hope they keep doing it.

As I read your comic, I realize more and more… I an Thomas! Only without the ability to secretly take over at work. Other than that, his story, his friends, even his dating life, are like you know me and decided to write my biography. It’s a little creepy for me, but really make Thomas realistic to me, since I know for a fact his story could be true.

I grew my first beard at 15, but didn’t realize how scraggly it looked until I saw a side view of it in a photograph. (It looked much better in the mirror.) So I shaved it off in the spring semester (my sophomore year), then grew it back over the summer so I had it when I started my junior year in the fall. It looked MUCH better that time.

I also remember looking through my high school yearbook in either junior or senior year and finding at least 5 students (including myself) who had full beards. My high school was quite large, though; 2400 kids during my sophomore and junior years, and 3000 or 3200 my senior year — it switched from a 3-year high school to a 4-year high school that year, so they added a freshman class. (I understand that after that, they reduced the incoming class sizes to 600 instead of 800 so it eventually dropped back to a total of 2400 kids again; I just can’t recall whether they did that with the first freshman class, which is why I can’t recall if we had 3000 or 3200 kids that year.)

Spelling mistake in first panel, “maginally improved attitude”. Also I dont get why he would suspect being gay would be awesome or why it makes sense in the conversation.

I can think of quite a lot of reasons I might be happier if I were gay.
I’m quite solidly not, unfortunately.
That the word used to mean “happy” makes perfect sense to me.

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