1130 No Shit.

I watched Now You See Me (I think that’s what it was called.) with my cousin the other day. It was a pretty good movie, in spite of it having a lot of stage magic in it. So, there’s a recommendation if you like.

I’ve been watching season two of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It’s better than the first season, but you still need the first part to build on for it to be. I like how Zuko is going through a real journey about what it is he believes he needs to be a whole person again. The relationship between he and his uncle is really well done. Really though they did a pretty good job of giving all the characters more dimensions right from the start. I’m looking forward to seeing where things go.

I added 3 more saves to my Animal Crossing village. I thought about just sticking to one when I started, but I like being able to display more design ideas in my town via other personalities. Jolene was the second human resident, then Nina, and finally Thomas, so I would have at least one male player character. Strangely enough he actually started with the correct haircut and the #4 shirt. Wild, huh?


Ouch, Jess. You know what they say about loose lips- they should not throw stones.
An internet to who can figure out the reference.
Hint- look at the proverbs and how I smoshed them. It in itself is not the movie ref, but those two proverb mismatches are in the movie.

Hmm… I don’t think most people at the store actually know Carol and Thomas are dating.

Oh, look, there goes a cat. Anyone know why Carol’s got an empty bag?

Yeah, I think this is what everyone was waiting for…

I’m so glad you’re watching Avatar finally! It’s my favorite show, without a doubt, and after reading your webcomic so long it was almost a surprise you hadn’t seen it?? Anyway, stay on through the end!!

Yeah, The Last Airbender is definitely one of my favorite shows; lots of find memories there.

No spoilers, Zuko’s character arc is, in my opinion, fucking amazing. Even of he is a bit of an asshole sometimes.

I think i know where this is going :). She says that she was trying to flirt with him but adds later how her advances were spurned due to him professing his love for another. Then it gets all awww and sweet again.

Its a bait and switch…. yes i’ve been reading TV tropes too much…

If you’ve been reading TV Tropes at all, you’ve been reading it too much. Just bring up the site and look at your clock. See? You’ve spent ninety minutes already, but you’ve learned so much cool stuff…

D’ya think Carol will ask Thomas to help her hide the body? And what will she tell Ed? Stay tuned folks, same bat time, same bat channel…

Jess, Jess, Jess. *shakes head* Those hormones will get you in trouble that you cant charm your way out of someday.

And Avatar:TLA is a awesome series. My husband and I watch it quite regularly. Zuko is my fave character. And Soka. Poor guy. He never really catches a break.

And Animal Crossing? New Leaf? What’s your friend code? I can add you please? My friend code is 2148-8998-4520 Anyone can add me. Just post your friend code so that I can add you too.

He posted his New Leaf info a while back, scroll back by a few weeks to a month and you should have it. Also unless New Leaf is very different from Wild World, you need to give not just your friend code, but your name and town name as well.

New Leaf uses your 3DS friend code. And you only need to name them if they haven’t added you too.

And I got your code Crave. ^_^ Funny thing? Your name there is one of my friends names IRL. But his online name is different.

I am confused….I just looked at my post to make sure that I didn’t spell anything wrong….And looked at the time of posting….It’s saying the post was made in the pm….But it’s morning here….The exact time but in am. Definitely colour me confuzzled. 0_o

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