1063 I Know It Was You.

Every so often I write a joke that seems like the art should be one way, but when I actually do it I realize it needs to be the opposite of what I thought. The first version of this page had the last two panels reversed. The text was the same, but I realized it was funnier to end on Thomas’s expression. There have been a few pages like this. Sometimes you need to see something on a page to really see it.

I used some birthday money to finally buy Skyward Sword. I have a feeling that this will be the last Wii game I will ever buy. I toyed with the idea of trying some of those rpgs like The Last Story, or whatever it was, but now I’m like meh. I’m not sure I want to play through 50% of a game, get bored, and leave it alone for two years, Final Fantasy 13 style. I haven’t gotten along with many of the handheld Zeldas, but I’ve always had a good time with the console ones. I probably won’t start playing Skyward Sword for a while, but I might play it before Mass Effect 3 because I feel like I’ll get more play time out of ME3 and enjoy it more. Right now I’m still all about Fire Emblem Awakening.

I still want to get Fall Of Cybertron and Arkham City at some point too. AC is actually at a decent price right now, but Zelda won out because I wanted a copy that still came with the symphony. FOC gets pushed back because it’s too pricey still AND I feel like it’s a one time play through. Since I don’t have the Xbox live it always feels like I’m paying for content that’s locked away from me.


I feel like I should understand this, but I don’t. I also feel like something about this is going to “click” in my head just before I fall asleep. It’s a rather frustrating feeling.

its a Godfather reference. “I know it was you Fredo”

Guess I need to go watch Godfather now.

I guess this is the problem with reading a webcomic whose artist is somewhat movie-savvy when I am absolutely NOT.

Anytime I get around a person who is in any way, shape, or form, a movie enthusiast, they invariably rattle off a dozen or so movies that I haven’t seen that I should watch with them because it’s culturally necessary.

Wow, run-on sentence.

Anyway, I’ll use Road House as an example because my brother finally showed it to me about 20 years after it came out. I saw it, and was super surprised because I had no idea at all that it was an action movie.

Sam Elliot was as cool as always, though.

Well that’s just a curve ball out of left field. What exactly does she mean by this? Is she just mad that he didn’t tell her about Carol, or is there some other meaning that she’s hinting towards?

Mass Effect 3 was seriously awesome. In spite of all its faults it was seriously one of the BEST games of last year, if not THE BEST. You’ll have great fun with that one. Particularly if you played Mass Effect 2. Also, make sure you can get all the DLC you possibly can. Even if you’ve got to pay for whatever didn’t come with the game, it’s worth it. Their Drop in drop out MMO was meh though, but then again, I’m not big on that type of thing.

Arkham City was awesome as well. Stands alone well, but fun if you’ve played Asylum before it. All the individual side missions were particularly fun, some of them got kind of annoying with how precise you had to be though. Still well worth the current price, and if you can get it on sell- even better.

Oh, if this is going where I THINK it’s going… well, let’s just say the fecal matter will have hit the cooling unit in a MAJOR way.


False alarm everyone! If this were Jo I think we may have expected this.

Altered quote from Godfather 2. “I know it was you Fredo”… etc. etc.

Took me a bit to remember, I was trying to think of pirate movies because of the hat.

It’s *definitely* funnier to end with Thomas’s expression! I’m like “what” just reading it, and of course Thomas is doubly so! :D

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