1005 Chicanery.

People don’t bandy about the word chicanery much anymore. I always kind of liked it, and also what it is. To a degree anyway.

I have had the worst allergies recently. It makes my eyes feel like they arent in my head right. Nothing I try helps. I think I just have to wait till it shows and puts the dust down better. I’m like O_O all the time.

I think the Nintendo club should have Pokemon Trainer badges available to get with nintendo points. This is just a random thought I had.

I was looking at the Wii U the other day. I have mixed feelings about it. Nintendo… is releasing fewer and fewer games worth owning per system it seems like. You also cant count on having good 3rd party stuff now too. Plus there’s the Xbox trophies to think about. Against all odds having the thing give me a meanigless trophy after doing some mundane in game task has become a little bit important to me. If only to extend the life of a game by giving me arbitrary challenges to do. I feel worried that the Wii U is not going to give me the gaming experiences that I want. At this point I want a new Mario Kart, which seems like a long shot. A mario golf with rpg elements that I can play on the wii u and on the DS through some kind of transfer feature. A Pokemon I can play on the go or on the TV. A really good RPG like they used to have back in the day. Maybe a mario one that isn’t paper mario, or even Starfox, or whatever. Anything as long as it’s good. Obviously I want a new Zelda, ecxept I havent even play the last one because Nintendo never lowers their fucking prices…

Anyway, I have concerns and the Wii U is a pretty big investment. It’s not like it used to be where I could have ALL the systems. I have never even played a PS3. Things have to be taken in to account. My other obsesions make it so. The PS3 just lost out with its problems and lack of games I wanted. It’s not that I wouldn’t get one if money was no object. I made my choices. Now I’m wondering if Nintendo is walking along that edge. Xbox has taken care of a lot of my gaming needs. Nintendo still owns the handheld market for me, so they have a sold hold there, but have they lost the console war?


Re costs of Nintendo products – there’s a local store here that sells used discs/cartridges. I don’t think I’ve paid over $20 for anything I’ve bought there.

what is the name of the store?


What kind of alternate universe Gamestop do you have in your town?

I routinely purchase used Wii discs for less than $20. Routinely. I think I paid $30 for one game there.

I’ve never been in a Gamestop that sold it’s used games for less than $5 off the new price. Unless they were crazy old games.

It’s highly probable that we have different tastes in games. I lean towards puzzle games and some older arcade-style games.

Thomas Blackwell is amazing. He has a near omnipresent foresight for work place workings. No matter the situation it seems he see all possible outcomes and the way to make what he wants happen, well, happen. Defiantly the nicest manipulative there was or is or is to come.

It’s actually not that amazing if you have a decent understanding of how people act. Most people are too wraped up in themselves to notice anything else.

I have been going through all of the strips of this comic and I have to say I really have enjoyed it, except for one little detail.

It’s spelled dammit not damnit, that is to say two M’s not an M and an N. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/dammit

I will NEVER spell damnit with two Ms. It’s fucking stupid. It’s just the two words put together. Why would it suddenly be spelled with two Ms? It makes no sense at all. English is already screwed up enough as it is. This is where I draw the line!

Then again, few people ever use it actually intending some deity to destroy, curse, or banish something, so it’s not much the point. As an expression, it’s rarely related to the root word of damn, but instead using it’s modern meaning… maybe we should just spell damn damm if it’s just a expletive? Make the spellings more accurate to the connotation?

Also, I wanna say it might just be a phonetic thing: Damn in the words damnable and damnation actually pronounce the n, while dammit doesn’t. Damnit, pronounced phonetically, sounds odd… like it’s a southern-ish mispronunciation.

Semantics and the reflective ponderings about language are fun, I’m not much arguing, just bringing up things that make it make sense~

To me, a non-native English speaker, Dammit reads like a quick curse, and should have an exclamation mark, while damnit seems more fitting for how it’s used here, a drawn out statement that fades away slowly, with the ellipsis.

That said, if I use the word myself, I pronounce the n…

About manipulation, I recently realised how much I’d been doing it. Take someone you like and look at how often they get what they want by offering it to someone else, for instance. The best manipulators don’t even realise it themselves…

As an individual who swears about as often a I blink I have to disagree with it all.

Since the word is spelled “damn”, “dammit” would essentially be someone who speaks really fast, demanding someone to quickly build a dam.

And damnit (which just showed up as an error here, heh…) reminds me of young kids testing the waters with swearing on the internet, along with other crimes against the language.

So, damn it, separate it! Heh. Although I suppose that when it comes to profanity, creativity is king. I guess it doesn’t really matter how you say it or where you put it, so long as it’s hilarious!

Nintendo hasn’t lost the console wars, but they are losing the innovation wars by winning it. That is to say, sure, the Wii was the first to feature the motion controls, at the cost of graphics and computing power, only to have to refine them later (a lot of early games misread the Wii-motes terribly, and later games sometimes literally require the added little gyro-wazzits on the ends to play at all. Including the last Zelda). What’s more, both the PS3 and the 360 came out with superior versions of motion gaming. Although, having played the PS3 version, it’s a royal pain when the tracker loses the little globe for half a second and pauses the game (happened to me several times in gladiator matches at my friend’s houses when I was going for a spinning uppercut… Or reached too far back for a Frisbee golf throw.)

As for the Wii-U… Well, the Mario platformer looks interesting, but I loathe it already for similar reasons to the last one. Multiplayer on a platformer should not involve two or more idiots on the same screen without some sort of gun play. It worked for Contra because you shot things. It sucks for Mario when you have to wait for some fool at the bottom half of the screen to stop dieing repeatedly. At the very least make it an option to take turns instead. I do think the control system is interesting, and definitely has potential, but I am afraid it will either go the way of the Wii/3d everything and end up being a fad, or go the way of the DS and the extra screen either going unused, overused, or just feeling like a tacked on peripheral. Also, if any console is going to lose them the war, it’s this one. Not for lack of innovation or quality so much as losing out on the niche they originally created. Playstation Vita already has the whole play at home and continue on the go thing (not personally familiar with it, but looks interesting), and the PS3/360 motion peripherals are eating up some of the whole casual/family/non-gamer market that was at the beginning of the Wii their purview alone.

That being said, I would like to see a really good RPG on ANY system. Yes, played Dragon Age, and Skyrim, and etc… They… aren’t the same thing. I want to have a group that I control the group, without HAVING to rely on any form of AI. This rules out the so called action RPGs. And for the love of all that is holey (Yes, it’s spelled correctly. Holey, as in full of holes), if you include voice acting, include no fewer than 30 hours of combat dialogue. I don’t want to hear the same phrases repeated every ten seconds, and no, I don’t care about any damn arrow wounds, the fact that your weapon is dull, or where you are going to leave my corpse. At least the wolves have the decency to howl in a language other than human…

Nintendo… it honestly seems a mixed bag. They could do a lot of good with the Wii-U, but honestly I haven’t seen them push any ideas that are in any way decent. I really want to see a five-player TTRPG-styled game where the Wii-U controller doubles as a DM screen, for example (and I’m not the only one, Penny arcade wrote about that too)… that’s what it’ll take. If N can’t capitalize on it, they’re going to start struggling, I think.

Meanwhile, I’m still tied to my PC for a ton of reasons, not the least of which is that it allows for a lot more than my consoles do. I prefer console gaming, honestly, given the option, but when there isn’t an option because everything’s best version is the PC version, well…

I’ve always found that the only good place to pick up RPGs is the indie crowd or Japanese releases… RPGs don’t usually do too well (money wise) with the American public.

Plenty of jokes I could make, but I’ll skip it.

Meanwhile, I still prefer the classics… Things like PS4 just never really get old~

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