1002 Almanac.

The irony of Jo wearing a bra while Jessi chooses not to is not lost on me. Or, perhaps more accurately, was done for a reason. I won’t insult your intelligence by stating it openly.

I’ve been reading a lot of Homestuck. For whatever reason the net has been very stable the last day or so. Since I was finished with this cycle’s pages I dove right in and got as far as I could. It’s basically a video game that you just read. The same basic logic controls the universe except it doesn’t have longs stretches of level grinding tedium. Its tedium comes from it being presented primarily in chat logs, which is still better than level grinding in many ways.

I don’t love chatting in real life. I tend to get eyesore pretty fast. I have even lower tolerance for it with actually people because I have to be mentally engaged with what’s going on, which cuts the time I can keep doing it. Later on in the story characters start talking will various affectations that get super annoying which makes some of the text insanely hard to read. That is my biggest complaint about the work so far. That, and like many games these days, the print is so small it hurts my eyes. It’s also in funny colors sometimes that I don’t like. The good thing about all of this is that it’s all the best story bits of a game all compacted into a constant stream of narrative.

I guess it should be no surprise that reading it basically has the same effect on my brain chemistry as constantly finishing a really good game. In that respect it’s actually a bit draining mentally and physically. It’s good though. I can see why it has such a successful kickstarter. Had I been reading while it was going on I probably would have contributed. Assuming I had some money then. I actually can’t remember what was going on at that point.

It’s started being properly cold around here. It’s actually warmer outside a lot of the time, with the sunlight and all, but I’ve become pretty aclimated to it already in here, so I’m fine. My various putties are extremely hard to knead though. It takes some doing. Which is good really. They are meant to work my hands and the cold makes them even better at their job. I’m pretty sure the reason I don’t get much hand pain from drawing is the contant worrying I do with putty, play doh, or what have you. My favorite kind of kneading putty right now is called Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty. Available at fine retailers around the internet. There are a lot of kinds and you get a good amount for working over. I don’t have any, but I guess there’s a magnetic kind that will react to magnetic feilds. I assume it has little metal berings in it or something. I doubt it would be flakes, or something. Seems like it would hurt your hands. I do have some of the glow kind and it’s so glowy that you can use it like a flashlight in a pinch. The regular stuff is just very saturated colors, which are just for pretty. You can get clear too, which I would like to have for the novelty of it. It looks like glass in the pictures. I’m sure it would get dirty over time, but for a while it would be cool.


80’s Aerobic wear!
How the heck did she find 1980’s Aerobic wear? That combination of cotton and Lycra was outlawed and all existing outfits were destroyed after scientist realized that it was the cause of the instability between dimensions that led to the invasion by the Red Lectroids from Planet 10.

This conjures up some bad images. Jess in aerobic wear – about to go do aerobics? Bouncy bouncy bouncy. Ow Ow Ow Ow. Strip 660 – read it – remember it. Jess, physics and biology can be very mean!

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