1767 Criteria.


I think on some level all people have criteria for what makes them better than other people. Maybe you don’t think about it consciously, but everyone judges their worth based on whatever you value or don’t. I think how much of a jerk you are comes down, on some level, to your criteria.

The other day I stumbled across an old British sitcom called Mind Your Language. It’s so weird and dated, but also very British. Like, it portrays all other races and ethnicities in the broadest of stereotypes, but the fact that they have so many races and ethnicities sets it apart from American shows of the same time. It’s about a man teaching English at an adult learning center. It’s basically a constant stream of other people talk funny jokes. It’s not malicious, but it is, as I said, very dated. It’s worth looking up an episode as just an oddity if you enjoy seeing the evolution of the sitcom and whatnot.

Also the actor who played the lead role died in a mysterious way and his life was kind of sad in general.