915 Oh Come On!


I forget the name of the game, but I saw an article someplace where in this new import game you play as a girl who goes on dates with famous anime characters. I think it’s in the Japanese equivalent of a whorehouse, or something. Anyway, I instantly thought of about 50 people I know who would play that, but there’s no way it’s making it here. Fun idea though.

I started watching the Chinese pirated copy of The Visions Of Escaflowne that Manekochan sent me. The subtitles are often hilariously incorrect. Even with my very limited knowledge of Japanese I know some of this stuff is being reported to me incorrectly. Not so much that I can’t follow the story, but I can already see that I’d much rather have a legit copy. So that’s a new quest for me to embark on. No one much has given a crap about it for years now, so it’ll be either really cheap to get or, more likely, the exact opposite.

Trying to gather up older anime is actually pretty difficult if they haven’t been put out on that greatest hits thing that a lot of companies are turning to. I’ve got a few things on it like Lucky Star, Big O 1 & 2, FLCL… The thing is, a single disc of the original run costs as much as you can get the ENTIRE series for with these things. So I don’t exactly understand how the older copies are holding their value. I guess there must actually be collectors who want their sets to match or something. I can understand the mindset.

I got Cowboy Bebop cheap when I worked for a movie rental place. Then they made a better version. I’ve never upgraded. That’s also how I got Blue Submarine #6. The single discs were $25 when they came out. Which is total bullshit, but it it got on Cartoon Network that’s just the way it was. I got them for $5 a shot. I’m not sure how that happened, but I wasn’t going to argue.

I have been out of the anime thing so long I don’t even know what’s good anymore. Like, what stuff exists outside the mainstream stuff Disney brings over, or what have you. I’m aware of things like Panty & Stocking because of all the nerds in my world, but there must be more, and better, stuff around.