916 Point Blank.


These last couple of pages were really awkward to cut up. I kept trying different ways and this is what I settled on. This page is mostly banking on visual impact. I went all out since there isn’t really as much content as a regular page might have. I was able to spend more time on the tidbits.

Remember that external hard drive I told you about? The one that went bad? I finally looked up how to take it out of the housing and did that. I fiddled with it for a bit and was still unable to get it going. So I guess I need to learn how to instal it directly in to a PC. If that doesn’t work I’m going to see if I can crack it open and repair the thing some other way. I mean, if a hard drive has a par that stores the information then all a person should have to do is replace the mechanism that’s broken, right? It sounds like it just won’t spin anymore. If it’s a physical problem my data should still be there, intact. All I have to do is learn to get at it.

None of the data is important, I should also say. I just want it back if I can get it back. It’s also interesting to mess with things like this. The internet pretty mcuh has detailed instructions about how to do anything anymore. The instructions for opening the casing were step by step. All I needed was the first one, because I couldn’t see how to start opening it, but it was much faster to just use the knowledge someone else already had. Rather than banging my knuckles on the case like a caveman. The actual drive casing requires a kind of screwdriver I don’t have. I have similar kinds, but not this one exactly. I’ll have to see about getting some of them if it comes to it. I suppose a person could drill them out if they had to. I’m not sure what the insides are like so that’s a last resort kind of move. I’d hate to break the data bits while trying to get them out. Anyway, if they can do this shit in Nigeria I ought to be able to get it done.