Every Story Has To Start Somewhere.


If this is your first time visiting my comic, and you came here from certain ad links, this image is intended to give you hope.  I’ve improved a lot since I off handedly started this adventure some 4 years ago. (More like 7 now…)

The story concerns itself chiefly with the lives of a group of people working in an entertainment superstore.  A poorly managed one in Kansas to be exact, but it could really be almost anywhere.  I don’t even think mention is made of their geographic location until well into the second story arc.  Which wouldn’t be so long except that the first two arcs are over 300 pages each.  It all seems quite natural when you read it though.  Anyway, the stories are not biographical, but some of them are based on things that happened to me, and people I worked with.  Some that seem the most impossible are actually very real.  I was lucky enough to work with some very exceptional people over the years.  They made it possible for me to survive in the hellish landscape of retail sales.  In some ways Between Failures is a message of hope for anyone still trapped there.  There is a light at the end of that tunnel.

Originally I started posting Between Failures on Smackjeeves, and it gained a little following there.  I then began posting it on my Deviantart site, and Drunk Duck.  Drunk Duck was where it finally “took off”.  I surround took off in quotes because taking off is kind of relative.  As of the time of this writing the comic supports its own space, advertisements, and occasional upgrades.

I was fortunate enough to find friends on all of the sites Between Failures has called home.  Friends I have never met face to face.  Good and kind people who supported me in the darkest times, and shared my victories when they came.  Many of them have sites listed on my links page.  If you have time to spare I encourage you to look over their work.   Even the meticulous language that is American English can’t express my gratitude properly to them.

The update schedule is Monday, Wednesday,  Friday, right now.  The blogs only rarely have anything to do with the page above them.  I basically use them as a journal.  If you are interested in the man behind the magic that is where you’ll find him.  The site was recently upgraded so I can respond directly to comments.  If you have any sensible questions I’ll do my best to answer them as quickly as I can.  You can also email me, or contact me on Twitter, Facebook, Deviantart, and probably other sites I’ve forgotten about.

That’s pretty much all I can think of to say at the moment.  I hope you enjoy reading my comic.

- J.T.