914 Headshot.


Of all the sketches I sent off only one came back, and it wasn’t the one I expected. Long after I sent off that set of toys I’m still getting emails about people wanting it. It’s still available on Toys R Us dot com as of the time of this writing. They must have made plenty of them. In a related note, I was looking at a fresh box of the pony figures and noticed that the codes that let you know what was in each blind bag had been changed. We’ll be back to having every bad opened up and looked in pretty soon. XD

I finally used the last of my points card from Christmas to get Colors 3DS. It’s painting software for the 3DS. For being on a handheld game system it’s pretty full featured too. I haven’t posted much because I haven’t completed much of anything. http://colorslive.com/author.php?page=1&id=39140 Anyway, It’s neat because you can paint on multiple levels and make images 3d for viewing on a 3DS. It flattens it all for the net. Anyway, it’s amusing how much porn is already all over the public gallery. In some things humans will never dissapoint you.

There’s some weird bug in the posting system for the site. It’s a brand new one that disables my mouse cursor. I also can’t post links properly anymore. Which is why that gallery one isn’t properly formatted. The other day I had to look up html just to post that picture of Ed.