672 Special Kind Of Evil.


I was shooting to end this part on a Friday, but it just didn’t work out that way. So, we have an ending on Monday and a beginning on Wednesday. A beginning my mother has been pestering me to do nearly since the comic started. Even now I’m not sure I can do the idea justice, but I guess we’ll all find out together.

I had a dream about working in an amalgam store, like the store of the comic. It was really annoying. The rest of the staff all had a habit of turning everything into a customer service failure. Not maliciously, but somehow all of them could effortlessly say the exact wrong thing and then walk away. The last person I served before waking up was a guy looking for obscure UFC videos. No amount of talk could convince him that sometimes videos are out of print and you have to get them second hand. Then a chubby girl in glasses, whose name I can’t remember, came over and said a bunch of crap that was completely incorrect which made him think I was trying to trick him. So, after twenty minutes of convincing, I got him calmed back down. Then he wanted to ask about collapsible pool cues. By that time I was like “fuck this dumb piece of shit” but I kept helping him anyway. Thankfully I woke up from having the fan blow the covers into my face.