1768 Charmed I’m Sure.


Alex has to know that no one can understand why Reggie would ask out a fatty. She’s smart enough to pick up on that. Maddison is slower on the uptake, obviously. To some degree, meanness and arrogance seems to go hand in hand with hating fatties. It can’t be true across the board, but it holds true enough to be the expected way of things. Being overweight is a weakness that can be used to belittle someone and that is catnip for the jerk. Reggie has made fun of Carol’s weight before, but she has certainly earned it, since she’s openly antagonistic to him as well. But really I doubt Reggie cares a whole lot about weight. He cares about sensing weakness and ways to crack the armor of his enemies/opponents. As a fatty I feel like we’re a little to precious about our weights generally. Or rather the vocal are and they get the attention. At the same time discrimination based on weight isn’t cool, but if someone calls you fat, and you are, just accept it. It takes the teeth from their bite.

Once, I walked in to a store and a little kid with his parents looked up at me and said “Wow, that guy’s fat!” Which I was, although I was probably 100 pounds lighter at the time. His parents were horrified when I met their gaze. But I just said “Well, he’s right.” and went on about my day. That kid probably got a talking to, but I still think the whole thing is funny.

It’s way harder drawing fatties than people realize I think. Like, you have to take space in to account so much more with a fat character than with a thin one. Physical interaction in particular is harder because bits touch all over and squish, so you have to pay attention to stuff you don’t have to otherwise. There are times where I really have trouble with the whole thing. Jo is so much easier to draw than Alex because she has so few moving parts. The petite are very straightforward. It would be unbearable drawing the same body all the time though so it’s not like I’m complaining. It’s just way faster to draw Jo. You don’t have to add a bunch of stuff to her.