1124 Don’t Knock It.


It is more than a little amusing to me that after the controversy, for want of a better word, concerning Jessica’s obvious selfishness, and possible heartlessness, that his first words express a desire to be more like her. Be it bluster or not Thomas is not nearly as harried by her attitude as some readers have been. Of course he does seem to have a talent for seeing the truth of a person despite their best efforts to conceal it. It is also amusing that she epitomizes the ability to “get over it” that some have vocally expressed a desire for in Thomas, while deriding it in her. People are very complex. XD

I have been infected with the teen virus. Although I have not been brought to death’s door by it as yet. I just have a scratchy throat and a cranky attitude. Although one could make a compelling argument that the latter is not the product of disease…

We have been taking dinner much later than is usual lately. This fact, combined with the early rising, has made me want to go to bed directly after we eat. Which causes me to sleep incorrectly and wake up at 3AM. The cycle is becoming quite vicious. As an added bonus by the time 7AM rolls around I want to go to bed again till about noon, which is counterproductive to say the least.

The teen has been monitoring my posts. Even now she is forcing me to read them aloud. I’m doing so as I write. Under protest. Rather than writing the next installment of the fiction story I am being forced, at phonepoint, to watch a film called Pain & Gain. It apparently stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson & Mark “The Honky” Wahlberg. In additions to these potentially negative factors it was directed by one Michael Bay. I expect at least one meteor to whiz through a building at some point.

I welcome you to heap scorn upon my young cousin for robbing you of my brilliance. I will leave it to you to find her facebook page. (Please don’t do what I just suggested.)