1390 Smell Ya Later.


I couldn’t let the furry arc end without doing this. Reggie is pretty self absorbed, but as each little thing added up his brain was trying to decide if this strange creature could be his own sister. It may make his seem pretty dense, but in his defense, the two sides of Victoria are pretty polar. I suspect that right up to the moment he said Nicky he was still not 100% sure. If Victoria had managed to keep her poker face he might have assumed that the whole affair was a very strange set of coincidences.

I’m not going to show the immediate aftermath of this situation, but you can guess that Victoria is in for a stressful time until Reggie decides what to do with the information he now has. Then again, if he’s mean about the whole thing that might put him at odds with Alex. Victoria may be secretive, but she would still be her friend.

I actually got outed over an old art account once. It was at one of my birthday gatherings years ago. One of my friends invited someone I didn’t know very well. They came over and I happened to have my laptop running on the table. So the dude just picked it up and started using it. Around people I know I rarely think about having to protect my electronics, but I assumed that the dude was cool since he was friends with my friend. I mean who picks up someone’s computer and just starts using it without asking? Anyway he found out that I had a deviantart account, but I told him to stop messing with my stuff before he was able to make the gathering any more awkward than it already was.
A few days later one of my best friends told me the dude was telling everyone he knew about my account and having a grand time. So we had a “talk”. Back then I was capable of being menacing, so from that point on there were no more problems.
That’s about as close to Victoria’s situation as I’ve ever been in, and it was really taxing. It made me much more sympathetic to people who don’t want to reveal their sexual orientation to their families and that sort of thing. Sometimes you just aren’t emotionally prepared to share yourself with everyone. Having that choice potentially taken away Is a bad scene.

Speaking of my potentially embarrassing art, it’s Carol’s turn on the auction block. Thomas did much better than I expected, so maybe the boys aren’t a lost cause after all. The real question is will Carol defeat Brooksie? It’s hard to say. I think more people really love Brooksie in that moe kind of way her character type induces. Carol is too prickly to be loved the same way. She’s more flawed. In terms of personality she’s much more like Reggie than anyone else, which is probably why they are like oil and water most of the time. It says something about Thomas that he can love Carol and be friends with Reggie in spite of their abrasive tendencies. It might be closer to the truth to say he likes them because of that than in spite of it. I would say that Thomas is drawn to them because their confidence is real while his is an affectation. That, in turn is why he feels protective of Brooksie. The paralyzing shyness she experiences in unfamiliar situations is something he understands. Anyway, that’s as may be. The important thing is I drawed a picture!