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Jo is wise to Thomas & John’s shenanigans. Next time she’ll bring tids to enjoy… Just you wait and see.

On the way to Thanksgiving dad’s truck died. We were about halfway there so it added an extra 90 minutes to the trip. Ironically we were about 300 yards from the home of the Teen’s estranged grandfather, but we just waited in the truck, getting progressively more cold. It lost oil pressure but wasn’t leaking, so dad thought it must be the pump. Regardless he may just replace the truck because it has other issues that may make repairing it more expensive than just buying another. That always strikes me as an odd situation. Vehicle pricing in general strikes me as a scam, but that’s a whole other thing.

A an rate we made it there eventually and it was nice, although the ham was terrible. It didn’t seem to be cooked very much at all. That was disappointing. Overcooked ham is the star on my plastic plate every Thanksgiving. You can’t, as they say, win ‘em all.

Anyway, that’s why I’m posting late. I hope you had a nice day even if you don’t celebrate American Thanksgiving.

Oh, I almost forgot. I said I’d let new people into the discord server.