1149 Addicted To Love.


You get the feeling that Carol understands the difficult breakup scenario from experience here… These two get along so well as a couple I forget sometimes how different they are in temperament. In areas where one is blind the other sees clearly it seems like.

Anyway, she patiently waited for him to get out what he needed to. Now it’s just a matter of moving ahead.

While others have forsaken their Animal Crossing towns for Pokémon training I have remained faithful. Pokémon is my mistress, but my true love is still AC. Which, if this was between people, would still be pretty shitty, but as it’s really a matter of me dividing up rest periods it’s not so bad. The other day a comic, which is now infamous on Tumblr, guilted a lot of people into checking up on their towns. Enough that I was able to get some signatures for a petition and sell some perfect pears.