1150 So.


The teen was gone this weekend, having Halloween times with her old friends. This week will be Halloween times with the new ones. I spent most of my weekend with a dull headache and an itchy hand. My bee sting eventually went back to normal, but not before a huge flare up. Today just the attack site is slightly itchy and mildly swollen. If you didn’t know what my hand is supposed to look like you wouldn’t even know. I only do because I look at it all the time, so I can see that the knuckle is puffy.

Photoshop had its first weird glitch in a long time today. I had just saved so I only lost, like, three minutes of work. Except after having to reset everything I was super sleepy and wanted to have a nap. So that’s what I did for about 2 hours. Not a quality nap, but enough that I’m not sitting here now trying to fall asleep. The seasons are shifting and making my sleep patterns weird. In addition to worry about my family. It hasn’t affected my work in any meaningful way, I guess. If it has no one has said anything about it. Maybe I’m always just kind of crap and the slight increase in it isn’t noticeable. X3

My Gamestop club thing already paid off. Since I haven’t touched the card in years there were a bunch of points saved to it. So I got $5 off a Skylander. It was Grilla Drilla, in case anyone cares. I still haven’t really played Swap Force at all, but I’ll be ready when I finish of Giants. I’m two levels away from completing Ginats DS 100%. I’ve actually done it once already, but the first save was wiped so I could level up more guys.

Anyway, the Teen wants to watch Community before bed so I’m gonna go do that. See you guys in the comments. I think you’ll like this page since it kind of wraps up Thomas’s drama for the most part.