1151 You.


Constance finally crossed Nina’s line one time too many. She was pretty strident before but now…

I just got back from taking the Teen to the store. She “needed” supplies for a friend’s birthday party. I made sure to hurry her out the door after dinner because I was pretty sure there wasn’t really a plan, per se. Turns out I was right and we wandered the Wal-Mart like the children of Moses for a couple of hours. Eventually she was satisfied with her items our adventure came to an end. Honestly, I should have had this ready to post this morning, but I had a splitting headache and couldn’t bring myself to get it done before I had to do other stuff. I also have a 75% complete page that needs dealing with, in addition to 3 due for this week. I’m gonna have to really get shit in gear. Watching WWE Raw for 3 hours every Monday really sucks away comic time. I need to see if she will watch it in my room so I can work simultaneously. She spends the whole time texting anyway. My TV being half the size of hers shouldn’t be an issue, right?

I think the take away from this all should be that I’d be a fun dad… ladies.