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Comic Vote

You know, I don’t like amusement parks or fairs, but I do like videos about their histories. I know a lot about theme parks from youtube. Knowledge that will help me in no way at all in my life. Learning stuff simply for the sake of learning, while I do the same stuff I do every day, makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile with my time when actually doing stuff that’s worthwhile doesn’t because I do it all the time. Is that weird? I bet it isn’t. It’s certainly more fun to watch stuff about theme parks than the social commentary stuff youtube is always serving up to me. I mean I can’t stop myself from watching out of curiosity most of the time, but I usually don’t end up happy after. I like knowing about what’s happening in the world, but maaaaaaaaan. I think everyone is getting numb to all the stuff getting thrown at them all the time in the news and stuff. Which is kind of good because eventually it won’t wear us down anymore and we can start fixing stuff.