1688 Do You Understand Life?


I said this on twitter but let me expand on it: as a character Jo presents unique problems. Since she loves basically all movies ans can recite many of them line for line it sometimes requires me to research things I ultimately don’t care about or have even actively avoided in some case. The Room is one of those things. I know of it, I’m passing familiar with the memes, but I’ve never watched the whole thing. Much like plan 9 from outer space. I understamnd the cultural impact, but don’t care to see the work itself. In order to write this part I had to see more of it that I ever intended to but couldn’t think of a more perfect example of the point Thomas wanted to make. Of course Jo needed to respond in a way that fits her love of things like The Room. All that said, I can see why people love it. There is a childlike earnestness to the work that makes it seem like it was created as a very pure expression of the creator’s desire to make a meaningful movie. It’s like a little kid showing you their drawing of a horse that looks like a shit on a field of green scribbles. It’s not very well executed, but you can see the beauty of the child in the garbage they made.
Believe me, I empathize with Tommy Wiseau. I too have made a broken thing that people can still see the beauty in. On some level even the most skilled creators do the same thing, although the flaws have to be scoured out. Much of our culture is devoted to picking things apart so that critic can scrape some notoriety from the back of the work of others. We are a culture of critics. Before the advent of the internet people wanted it to be that way. I mean why else did we have to do book reports? Of course I don’t know if our teachers would have tried to instill a critical eye quite so hard if they knew we were going to take the ball and sprint away.
The creator and the critic are always going to be at odds on some level. Even though the relationship is symbiotic. We are all creators and critics in one way or another and switch roles all the time. It’s just way more obvious now than it used to be. We all talk shit about how other people are dancing while prancing around ourselves. A performing culture, a critical culture, an evolving culture.