1680 DTF


In case you aren’t hip to the slang of the young people DTF stands for down to fuck. Which is a reasonably accurate way to describe Thomas and Carol’s relationship at this point… And probably for the foreseeable future.

My sleep pattern has been so screwed up that I’m waking up at midnight and falling asleep at 4, sleeping for 4 to 6 hours then being awake then being awake for about that long. And it’s slowly sliding back and forth. I actually had this good to go at 4AM, so when I fell asleep at whatever time it was going to be it would be ready to post. I woke up about 30 minutes ago, still wanting to sleep, but capable of rising and posting because the c-pap gives me strange wake/sleep powers. I shaved off my facial hair so the mask would get a better seal, which has worked. Although I look like I’m a kid, apart from where my hair is going white.

I’ve been slowly playing minecraft on my WiiU, since I have to Switch to play my special edition Zelda still… And today I finally found the end portal for my world. I think this is the first time I’ve ever entered the end because I never knew how to find diamonds before, but this time I went in with a plan and am swimming in them. I don’t know how to defeat the ender dragon but I saved and jumped in just to see what the area was like. I’ll do some research and figure out what I need to do to prepare to take it down, then gather up that stuff.

After I beat him maybe I’ll finally allow myself to play in creative mode.