1428 Femocracy.


A lot of erection talk in this section. Things got a little more dickcentric than I anticipated… He’s gonna be too tired to do much I’m afraid.

Just so you guys know, I mostly want the credit card for the online fraud protection. Since I do a lot of business online using my debit card isn’t the safest way to pay. If someone got my particulars it could put me in a tight spot. Building a credit score is just an afterthought. On the rare occasions where I need to make a major purchase I try to pay it off in a go. I haven’t needed to buy anything major since my truck. Anyway, you can get into a lot of trouble if your bank account gets compromised. I don’t have a lot to lose, but if I lost it I would be boned.

Teen Corner

three days in a row ive posted are you shocked yet? so I had play auditions yesterday and guess what? I got the part I am officialy the queen of hearts! I’m super excited for this part, I have like 61 lines which isn’t to bad. Guess what else I got today? my volleyball jersey! I’m officially a wiley panther volleyball player to. I’m honestly in a pretty great mood today. I aced my Spanish quiz and passed my u.s. history quiz score for the teen! I managed to trip on air twice today and once yesterday proving once again I am not a coordinated person, which almost everyone should know by now I am not known for being graceful. I had art today and finally started my wood burning of two love birds, its actually coming out pretty good so far, I managed to burn myself twice so proving again not coordinated. volleyball practice was good today more on the easy side give my fat butt a break, got to work on my serves a bit. the coaches are being tough this year though, they are determined to have a winning team, no loses which I understand I suppose. in biology 2 we went out looking for insects for our insect collections me and my partner got a dragon fly and a praying mantis. I still feel bad catching insects and freezing them till they die but I gotta do it so oh well guess I better suck it up. i’m really ready for the weekend not gonna lie I’m sick of getting up at 5:30 already its like I go to get up and my bed tries to pull me back down. it just calls my name pitifully, sleep, sleep and I’m just like I’m sorry bed I have to go to school its the law. I cant wait for Friday, one of my favorite bands has a new album coming out and I’m just dying to have it, hopefully I don’t end up disappointed. time for me and Jackie to enjoy a little comedy, it tends to be our nightly routine. anyways my bed is calling my name goodnight all