1427 Conditioning.


My allergies are absolutely killing me. We had the satellite tech in a couple of times and it kicked up dust in my room which compounded with the pollen in the air. It’s been miserable. Plus it’s fucking corn again this year which is the fucking worst when it comes to allergies. Corn fields all around the house. Brutal. I need to get some kind of military surplus rebreather or some shit.

Hey, do any of you guys have credit cards? I’m thinking about getting one so I can build up a credit score and all that, but I’m curious about what people have experienced with various cards. I kind of want a capital one card because Jack from 30 Rock told me it was good.

I’ve been playing Citizens Of Earth recently and it’s very good. It has some frustrating features because it emulates older games, but on balance it’s very well done and a lot of fun to experiment with. It’s also not very linear so I’ve wandered all over when I probably didn’t need to. Anyway, if you Earthbound or games like it, pick it up. Especially if it’s on sale.

I spent the better part of the day trying to get things done before the end of the month, and sorting out my old PC. I think it will stop turning on at random now. Fingers crossed.

Sometime tomorrow I’ll post some more Julius Derwood stuff for the Patreon kids. Once again I left it till the last possible moment. Also, if you don’t follow my twitter I put up a scrapped page with a very small bit of sketchy nakey Jo hand Jess. Just in case you’re curious about my process, or nakey bits.

Teen Corner
I’ve been sitting here for about 20 minutes trying to decide how to start this post. it’s almost shocking that I have nothing to say considering I rarely shut up. I honestly should be studying right now but id rather not, its just so boring and Jackie would rather play splatoon than watch me succeed in life although I don’t blame him splatoon is pretty great. i have a map test and a Spanish quiz tomorrow and I’m not very confident I’m going to pass but hopefully some how I can slide by with a B at least. I also have volleyball practice tomorrow for 2 hours, not gonna lie I’m not to thrilled about it but I need the physical education credit so I’m gonna have to push myself and keep playing. although id much rather come home and lay in bed watching supernatural after school Jensen ackles will just have to wait. i don’t think Jensen ackles should be allowed to wear a shirt ever, I’m pretty sure he’s breaking some law by hiding away all that sexiness. although it would be a little awkward fighting demons and such half naked but i bet the show would get even more fans my way. so as I mentioned in my last post my birthday is approaching, this weekend i went and got invitations and plats and napkins and such, we cant buy food yet because lets face it in this house it would never make it 2 weeks. I’m pretty excited i suppose, I don’t feel like I should be turning 17 though. where has the time gone? people always tell you that you should enjoy being a kid and enjoy school because one day you’ll miss it and i never believed them but as i approach adulthood i realize i spent way to many years trying to be a grown up when i really should have been enjoying life as a kid. it’s sad really that I’m only seeing it now, i wasted so many years wishing to be an adult and now I’m like why did i waste time trying to grow up faster than i should have? anyways that’s going down a depressing road so lets change the subject. Halloween is a few months away and I’m so very excited, i know i know I’m to old for trick or treating which is true but I’m never to old to dress up and have a scary movie marathon with good friends. i love Halloween simply because for one night you get to be anyone you wish to be, the endless possibilities excite me although i haven’t a clue what I’m going to be. there’s plenty of time to think of something though. play auditions are tomorrow and i am freaking out i don’t even know who i want to audition for anymore. maybe i shouldn’t audition at all? i don’t know…im worried that with volleyball i wont have time to practice for a lead role although i would love to be the queen because who doesn’t wanna wear a crown? who thinks i could rock the role of the queen? I’ve now avoided studying for the last hour so sadly i should end this post and get to it. bye interweb people see ya in the comments hopefully!