657 Give It!


There’s no magical force that makes luck.  Or at least one that science can detect.  It’s just the intersection of decisions you make,the decisions others make, and the motion of the universe.  I mention it because I lucked in to a good advertising deal this weekend.  I can’t claim any special knowledge, or feelings that led to me making the choice.  I just happened to make it and it worked out particularly well.

I’ve been reading Shortpacked! since just before I started this comic.  So…  about 3 years?  4?  Anyway, since I actually know the work I know that a certain portion of its readers are going to like my work.  I made a targeted ad specifically to run on that site.  It will run nowhere else.  (At least no place I know of yet…)  If you haven’t seen it, it’s basically an edited portion of Thomas & Carol talking about Beast Wars.  David Willis blogs about Transformer stuff constantly, and nerds, in general, are drawn to cute redheads.  Nerds seem to fall in love with Jolene once they get here, but Carol has been the best honey for my traps by far.

I set the ad pricing so that when the cost dropped over the weekend I could draw in bored stragglers.  The bored are my safest bet because my comic requires you to read from the start AND remember things about the story.  By chance Willis posted bonus pages all weekend, and my cheaper add ran while other advertisers snoozed.  You can’t plan that kind of thing.  It’s just serendipity.  The kind of thing that Fes is trying to explain in the luck portion of his formula for success in comics on the web.

To say that there’s no such thing as luck is foolish.  Luck exists.  It’s just not a tangible thing like electricity, that can be measured.   You can only perceive luck after the fact, but you can be lucky, and good choices, and educated guesses, can bring more luck to you.