1426 Seduction Reduction.


As someone who writes I empathize with Nina on this. Writing sexy things can work for you when they don’t in practice. Maybe because you put yourself inside the characters in a different way when you write? I’m not sure.

I felt really unwell when I finished this page. It is just possible that I picked up some kind of bug when I was at the doctors, or perhaps caught something from the teen. Either way it is affecting me rather more than illness used to. Of course I’m affected rather differently from a lot of things these days. I very nearly fell over from dizziness at one point, which used to be uncommon even when I was at my sickest before now. It’s disconcerting not to be the relatively strong youth I once was. Speaking of youth, I’m going to let The Teen fill space tonight since I’m feeling a bit off. See you in the comments, kids.
Teen Corner:
today I schooled Jackie in something he’s not proficient in…SPANISH. that’s right I’m bilingual bitches! just kidding not really but I’m learning pretty fast I would say,. it’s been awhile, I’m now 2 weeks into my junior year. exciting right? I’m in choir, drama. art, yearbook, volleyball and Spanish plus the other normal slightly boring classes. I have managed to learn how to open my locker finally I’m pretty proud of that pathetic accomplishment. now that I’m a junior the teachers are like you’re practically grown ups act like it and I’m like bruh if we are basically grown ups why do you give us seating arrangements? I find that slightly irritating but its whatever besides that the teachers are good mostly. some are having us look into careers to peruse in the future and I’m thinking phycologist, therapist, counselor type person. I would like to help people with depression, anxiety and other issue’s that I have somewhat experienced. anyway don’t wanna get to ahead of myself got to get past graduation first. I have 2 quizzes Monday so Jackie’s weekend will partly consist of trying to help me study things I will probably never use in life but that’s okay, hopefully I ace these quizzes I have high goals for myself this year like honor role. I would also like to attempt all A’s but we’ll see what the future holds I suppose. volleyball is whipping my fat ass into shape slowly but surely, the first week of practice was brutal I was so sore I could barely move but its gotten better to where I believe I wont die but if I do I have informed everyone who will inherit my things. the school play auditions are approaching I am going to audition for the witch or the queen of hearts. the play is allice in zombie land if you were wondering its a stupid little kind of funny play that I actually do enjoy. I’m very nervous for auditions but I’m pretty sure ill get a good part since I’ve been the leading actress on a few occasions. I was informed today that my slightly insane mother has decided that once I turn 18 I will be getting her out of the nursing home and she will live with me. every teens dream right? today was an interesting very long day I spent the day walking around the town asking businesses to buy a ad for our yearbook this year I managed to get a total of about 600 dollars which isn’t top bad. I started at 8:30 and got back to school around 3:00 and it was only like 95 degrees out today no biggie then I had practice for volleyball the next 2 hours so not going to lie I’m tired so maybe Jackie will get a break from my Constance annoyance tonight. oh and guess what’s in 2 weeks people?! my birthday! the big 17 so exciting I got a 120 dollar tattoo as an early gift from my awesome aunt so I’m just gonna have a small sleepover nothing major. I cant believe I’m going to be 17 I don’t wanna be an adult! sadly that will happen one day but with the guidance of my evil yet amazing cousin Jackie and my amazing aunt I hope a bright future is approaching until then I’m gonna enjoy the little things. anyways I think you people are about caught up on my boring teen life sorry wish I could say I’ve changed the world drastically or been in a fight or saved the world from space aliens but its just yet to happen goodnight all i’ll try to check in more often from now on though I doubt you’ve missed me much.