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Nina is not one who was brought up in a shame based family. Her experiences are not framed in the same kinds of shadows as other people. That should be fun for Ed…

I am sitting at the table helping The Teen with her homework. I’m only sitting at the table because I can write at the same time as she ruminates over questions. In this way I am saving time before I fall asleep. I very much want to go to bed now. It’s 6PM where I am and I’m ready to go to sleep because my schedule is a tad out of whack. That’s also why I failed to tweet the update on Monday. I slept through all my alarms. At the moment I’m going to sleep at about 5 and getting up around 3. Which actually works pretty well. It gives me a good number of hours that no one else is awake. At the same time the Teen wants me to watch tv with her, but I just want to sleep. What ends up happening is that I fall asleep in her closet, which is really hard on my hip.

Right now The Teen is telling me about social services getting called about some of her friends. So that’s… fun. I’ve tried to tell the kid to make friends with rich people but she steadfastly refuses to make friends based solely on financial income. I never did that either, but in retrospect I should have been cool to the rich dicks and moved up in the world that way. XD Yeah that probably wouldn’t have ever worked.

I went to the doctor today. It was stressful. I associate that office so much with bad situations now I basically have an insanely strong panic response after being in the waiting room for a few minutes. I tried to schedule my appointment so there wouldn’t be a lot of waiting, but I still ended up waiting for an hour, laying in the fetal position, waiting for the doctor. The thing is that the panic is not like the kind I’m used to. It doesn’t come on in the same way, or manifest in the normal manner.