1859 Resonance.


If you follow my twitter you’ll already know this, but I went ahead and set up my disused Xbox One to be my media source on Dad’s old TV. Previously a role filled by my PS3. It was a huge rigmarole but it works perfectly in every way & the picture is much better. There’s no weird screeching on Netflix or anything either. I assume that it will play DVDs and blue ray discs too, so that’s sorted as well. I think I might still like to try fixing the HDMI ports anyway, since there’s not enough ports on the thing, but it’s no longer an issue I need to deal with quickly.

Ironically I only bought that Xbox because I wanted to play State Of Decay & SOD2 when it came out, but for some reason SOD triggers anxiety attacks when I play it now. I’m not sure why because I played it solidly for at least a year, possibly as many as three, with no problems. It just started to be a thing & now I have to deal with it. I’m sure I’ll get my money’s worth out of it over time, with other games, if I can’t ever play SOD, but it’s a shame because I really loved playing it & was really looking forward to the sequel.