1860 Earworm.


I seriously hated in store music. There’s a reason the army and that use loud music to torture people.

I went ahead and bought that Curse Of The Moon game for the Switch. It’s Castlevania 3. That’s all you need for a review of it.
There’s more to it than that, obviously. There’s 4 characters you unlock. The guy you start with uses a sword, like Simon Belmont, except you have to get way too close to enemies to hit them. The next is a girl Simon Belmont. Then there’s the wizard who whacks people up close with a stick. Finally we have Alucard. Anyway, it’s good. You can jump on to stairs, but you can’t jump off of them. It’s a weird thing to notice, but I did. Also the boss battles are clever. When you win they all do some kind of cheap attack to try and take you with them. The enemy placement is dickish as fuck. If you need to make a tricky jump something WILL be there to fuck you over.
It has a casual mode that turns off the knockback, which makes it feel really weird, since my brain is wired to expect it. It’s well worth the ten bucks they’re asking for. If the 16 bit looking game the same people are making is as good as this one it’ll be a classic.