1424 Zealous.


Nina is getting to a point in her life where she’s sick of waiting for things to be the way she wants. Something I empathize with. Unfortunately you can’t just will things to be how you like. On top of that some things are unreasonable no matter how you look at them. The world might be better if it was as fun as Nina’s fan fiction, but you can’t unasshole enough people to ever make it a reality.

My allergies are really bothering me right now. So is my dog Solomon. We seem to be affected similarly by our surroundings. Our birthdays are a day apart, strangely enough.

The teen caught a cold, so she’s been going insane from not being allowed to hug me. Since the last time I got sick it caused my recent trip to the hospital we’re not taking any chances. Of course getting her to believe that the whole thing is necessary is something else entirely. The reality of disaster is not something she really seems to grasp until you’re too deep in to it to go back. Prevention is not something she subscribes to.

I’ve decided that Rick and Morty is a show I’m going to watch. I’ve decided this, but have just continued working and not actually doing anything but that… I need shows that are a certain level of boring so I can do stuff. Based on the episodes of R&M I’ve seen it doesn’t meet that requirements. In fact the reason I’m typing this stiupid is that I’m trying to watch the show while I type.

ANyway, I need to quit dickign around and get back to work. I let myself gwet too distracted this week, so now I need to really focus. I’ve got to go to the doctor on Tuesday, but after that it’s no more random nonsense until I can get back in front of things.