1021 Updating.


This one is gonna be a real treat for Brooksie fans. I briefly considered making this an animated scroll, but it was just too much for me to try and do in a month that had already fallen almost completely apart in a year that has come comletely unhinged. You guys can just extrapolate where John and Wes rank on the Brooksie smiley head crush chart.

Okay, some of you seem to be confused about the “what I got for Christmas” post from Wednesday. On Monday, if you’ll recall, I said I was posting these all at once in case I got stuck at my grandma’s and I was going to PREDICT what I was getting. I made a list of impossible presents essentially. None of that stuff is what I got. I got some DVDs, a nice new camera, and some other cool stuff that I won’t list because it’s a little gauche. (I hope I am remembering that word correctly and using it propperly…) There is definitely no girl that I met. That said, we all had a lovely Christmas. Dot dot dot.

(I’m gonna give everyone, who doesn’t want to have the joy of this page offset, a chance to stop reading here. Come back in a few days if you’re curious, or just pass on by. If you’re the kind of person that can compartmentalize your emotions then feel free to proceed now. Whatever you choose I won’t hold it against you. You don’t need to know every detail of my life to enjoy my work, but it’s here if you want a look inside.)

Unfortunately, the day after, my Uncle Jon died. Since this comic is as much my personal journal as anything else I’d like to talk about him for a moment if you’ll indulge me.

Uncle Jon would give a stranger the shirt off his back. That shirt wouldn’t have sleeves because he didn’t believe in them, but that’s besides the point. He was kind and giving in the way that the pious tell you they are, but always fall so short of. Even though life treated him badly, and he always seemed to get punished for the good things he did, it was rare to see him without a smile. He was a joker, and a pest, and he was magic.

I was lucky. I got to spend all Christmas day with him, and we parted with a hug and a smile.